The Happy Cannabis Co.

Loves Park, Illinois

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4120 North Bell School Road, Loves Park, Illinois, 61111
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Flower 4
Mendo Breath by &Shine 75
Jet Fuel OG by 93 Boyz 62
Florida Oranges by Aeriz 75
Diesel Head by Cresco™ 69
Edibles 4
PreRoll 4
Animal Mint Cake by Bullet Train Extracts 31
Animal Face (0.75g) by Dogwalkers 22
Lime OG by Crops 17
Monkey Spunk (1g) by Cultivate 42
Vape 4
Northern Lights Haze by Superflux 70
Chemdawg by &Shine 63
Pineapple Express by &Shine 63
Sour Tangie by &Shine 112
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