Cherry Blossom Seeds for sale
Cherry Blossom Seeds for sale
Cherry Blossom Seeds for sale
Cherry Blossom Seeds for sale

Cherry Blossom Feminized Seeds

by Sun West Genetics
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CBD: 0.3%

THC: 27%

Flowering Type: Feminized

Type: Indica-dominant hybrid

Climate: Dry, Warm Climate

Effects: Relax

Flavors: Fruity, Sweet, Pine, Cherry, Berry

Genetics: Cherry Blossom x Berry Blossom

Environment: Indoors

Harvest period: mid-October

Flowering period: 8 - 11 Weeks

Growing difficulty: Easy

Cherry Blossom Feminized: Potency and Buds' Flavor 

Let the tender name of this strain not fool you; the weed grown from Cherry Blossom strain seeds can bring you to a relaxed, serene mood in minutes with its high THC contents (up to 27%) and around 0.3% CBD. This hybrid strain has 70% Indica and 30% Sativa genes, so it can confidently be called an indica-dominant strain. The harvested and carefully dried buds will give you an exquisite sweet, fruity flavor with shades of pine and cherry in its bouquet.

Are These Seeds Newbie-Friendly?

It will take you 8-11 weeks to grow Cherry Blossom seeds into high-yield plants. Most growers appreciate this strain for its relative ease of cultivation. It grows best in a dry, warm climate, so it's often considered ideal for indoor growing. Besides, its high tolerance to disease, pests, and molds makes it a newbie grower's best friend.

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FINALLY A GOOD INDOOR GROWER! Ive tried to grow so many before but havent gotten the desired results. Cherry blossom seeds were the first that gave me a good yield and didn't demand too much attention. Got some beautiful nugs to harvest after 10 weeks and enjoyed every last bit of them. ordering again!

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these seeds were okay. My friend gifted some to me so I wanted to try them out. Didn’t expect them to take so long to grow. The number of buds I got wasn't too great but the grow process was nice. Planted them in some pots with a good soil base and didn’t have to do much else. the nugs tasted delicious

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Stay away from these if you don't have a lot of indoor space. They just fail outdoors and need a lot of grow space inside. Just never got them to work for me and ive tried twice! Not putting myself through this again.

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Jackie Kennedy

my experience with sun west genetics cherry blossom seeds was good. I wanted to grow them because I enjoy high thc stuff with relaxing effects. This is a resistant plant so I didnt have to worry about pests and nutrients too much. Got a bunch of weed after 9 weeks or so.

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didnt know i couldnt grow them outdoors. my Cherry Blossom plants died before they could give me a single healthy bud. Not a good experience but will try again indoors

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Moses Waters

Order process from Sun West Genetics was great. Standard shipping was quick and the seeds were packed nicely. Grew pretty well too even though the yield was low.

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Hattie Adkins

Okay so I LOVE high thc weed so Cherry Blossom was a must have. Wanted to grow it myself and gave it a shot. Happy to say that it grew without trouble. Get these seeds whenever you see em! 

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