Critical Purple Seeds for sale
Critical Purple Seeds for sale
Critical Purple Seeds for sale
Critical Purple Seeds for sale

Critical Purple Autoflower Seeds

by Crop King Seeds
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Flowering Type: Autoflower

Type: Indica-dominant hybrid

Yields: 350g - 450g

Climate: Temperate Continental, Sunny Mediterranean

Effects: Remove pain

Genetics: Critical Purple x Ruderalis

Environment: Indoors , Outdoors

Flowering period: 10 weeks

Growing difficulty: Easy

Critical Purple Autoflower - Useful Growing Information

Critical Purple seeds are extremely easy to grow. All you need is a suitable growing place (both outdoor and indoor ones are acceptable) and a temperate continental or sunny Mediterranean climate. In only 10 weeks, you will be ready to harvest a high volume of pungent buds. Since no special skills and needed for this Autoflower plant, this strain makes an ideal choice for busy or novice growers.


If you are not new to weed’s effects, pay attention to Critical Purple strain seeds to elevate your weed smoking to a new level. This Indica-dominant hybrid contains 25% of THC, so it effectively helps to alleviate chronic pain and muscle tension and can serve as a natural alternative to painkillers. The strain also has a beneficial effect on the nervous system (study), so users usually smoke Critical Purple weed when they feel stressed and worn out.


User Reviews 7


Absolutely growing like champs, took a little time to start sprouting but I think with time and proper care for the climate, my plants have started growing evenly now

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Leo Parks

Autoflowering plants do not usually grow this big, but my plants have been exceptional height wise, can not say the same for the purple flowers for now, but who knows maybe will get more peaks soon

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the purple seeds are so becoming my favourite to grow day by day. It is so exciting to see the fresh color in my garden among all the green. I am very excited to harvest my plants in a few days

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It is refreshing to grow a plant that does not have a pungent smell, the process is smooth and the plant is growing taller everyday

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Tom Martinez

I use this autoflower plant for pain relief and decided to finally grow it for myself. I am so happy to write this review because growing this at home has been a wonderful experience, no strain at all and I can say that even the smell helped me cope every day.

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Lynda Fox

What a disappointment, not enough yield too 10 weeks for only about 300 grams of yield

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Bradley Jackson

Starting to see the purple buds and I am so excited, it has only been 6 weeks and the plant is thriving in my room

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