Dragon Fruit Seeds for sale
Dragon Fruit Seeds for sale
Dragon Fruit Seeds for sale
Dragon Fruit Seeds for sale

Dragon Fruit Feminized Seeds

by Crop King Seeds
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CBD: 1%

THC: 25%

Flowering Type: Feminized

Type: Indica-dominant hybrid

Yields: 300g - 550g

Climate: Mediterranean

Effects: Еuphoria

Flavors: Sweet, Fruity, Citrus, Earthy, Herbal, Pungent

Genetics: Snow Lotus x Silver Haze

Plant size: 60-80 cm

Environment: Indoors, Outdoors

Harvest period: September, October

Flowering period: 8-9 Weeks

Growing difficulty: Medium

Ancestry, Effects, and Flavor of Dragon Fruit Feminized

Dragon Fruit is an indica-dominant hybrid strain produced from a mix of Snow Lotus and Silver Haze varieties. It contains 25% THC and 1% CBD. The Dragon Fruit weed will set unique herbal and fruity flavor combining the shades of sweetness, fruit, and citrus plants.

Growing Requirements

It takes 8-9 weeks for the Dragon Fruit seeds to flower. These feminized seeds grow into plants delivering up to 300g-550g of harvest, making it a safe bet for those who strive for high yields. The plants developing from Dragon Fruit strain seeds for sale grow into plants that are mosty small, 60-80 cm in height, which is ideal for indoor growing. Make sure you can guarantee your plants a Mediterranean-like environment for them to flourish.

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if you live in a warm climate and have enough grow space, these feminized seeds are great for planting indoors or outdoors. They give me a nice bunch of flower with a sweet aroma and relaxing effects. Good stuff!

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I love the yield I get from dragon fruit seeds. Ive ordered them multiple times and the shipping is always quick. Planting them in soil full of nutrients and giving them a warm climate is pretty much all I need to do.

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Ariah Watkins

Wanted to grow these because I like the moderately high thc and the low cbd in dragon fruit. Unfortunately, the seeds never produced plants, let alone healthy buds. Not an easy grower this one. Wouldn't recommend again unless you're very experienced

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I've been growing for many years and this is the best strain ive discovered. Tall, easy to handle plants that produce a good quantity of buds

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planted these outdoors and they grew quickly. didn't find the effects too pleasant. try some Dragon Fruit before you plant seeds.

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Lilly Y.

Just like Rylie, I love the sweet and fruity smell of the Dragon Fruit plant. It's simple to cultivate and harvest too. Grown it multiple times now.

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Rylie W.

The sweet smell these produce when they get tall is the best part of the growing process for me. Love easy-growing seeds like these.

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Norah Houston

I don’t understand how people manage to grow these. I couldn't keep my Dragon Fruit plants healthy in any grow space.

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Jeremy Bailey

I love seeing Dragon Fruit seeds growing in my indoor pots. They do need some help and attention but grow into beautiful plants in a couple of months.

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Gia Campbell

These proved to be less difficult than other feminized seeds to grow. I got healthy buds after 9 weeks and I love them!

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