Galaxy Seeds for sale
Galaxy Seeds for sale
Galaxy Seeds for sale
Galaxy Seeds for sale

Galaxy Autoflower Seeds

by Sun West Genetics
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CBD: 1 - 0.98%

THC: 20%

Flowering Type: Autoflower

Type: Indica-dominant hybrid

Yields: Medium

Climate: Warm, Dry

Effects: Euphoric, Happy

Flavors: Sweet, Pine, Fresh, Mint

Genetics: Afghani x Northern Lights x Ruderalis

Environment: Indoors, Outdoors

Harvest period: September

Flowering period: 7 - 8 weeks

Growing difficulty: Easy

Cannabinoid Profile and Effects of Galaxy Autoflower 

Fans of Afghani and Northern Light strains will enjoy this Indica-dominated hybrid with a touch of Ruderalis added to make it autoflowering. Galaxy seeds are among the top-quality products in any cannabis seed bank due to the strain’s energizing mint and pine flavor and potent euphoric effect. The strain boasts high THC levels reaching 20%, so a couple of inhales of the intense smoke will knock you down and leave you completely stoned.

Growing Requirements and Optimal Climate 

No matter what growing site you prefer, indoor or outdoor, Galaxy weed seeds will turn into strong plants in just 7 to 8 weeks. Make sure to create a warm and dry environment for the greatest yield, and don’t worry much about the chemicals to protect the garden from mold, pests, and fungi. Galaxy strain is known for its natural resistance and resilience, so it’s easy to grow even for inexperienced weed lovers.

User Reviews 7

Thaís Ferreira

Always thought growing my weed in dry areas would be a major mistake. Met with this agronomist who swears thats the only reason strains like Galaxy survive and thrive. Now I'll be growing all my seeds in warm humid areas outdoors

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Júlio Souza

quite an easy grow especially in humid conditions. otherwise pests will be a major issue.

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Make sure to water your soil frequently. That way the chances of wilting and drying up are minimal. I learnt my lesson the hard way but now there's no one that waters and manages their cannabis better than I. Water and spray with chemicals for the best results.

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I can attest to the fact that they thrive both indoors and outdoors

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So the packaging said I'd be harvesting by the 7th week but then I thought they were just exxaggerating. Turns out they were not. I am in week six and I can see the buds finishing up the maturng process. I foresee a bountiful yield

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all my plants just got attacked by pests. Lost the whole yield, even after spraying

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As I harvest three of my mature buds I really hope this Indica dominant hybrid is all its hailed to be

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