Mochalope Seeds for sale
Mochalope Seeds for sale
Mochalope Seeds for sale
Mochalope Seeds for sale

Mochalope Feminized Seeds

by Crop King Seeds
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Fast grow

CBD: 0.44 - 0.92%

THC: 22 - 25%

Flowering Type: Feminized

Type: Hybrid

Effects: Relaxation

Flavors: Coffee, Chocolate

Genetics: Oregon Afghani x Chocolope x Afghan Kush

Environment: Indoors, Outdoors

Mochalope Feminized Genetic Analysis

Mochalope is a hybrid strain developed from the Oregon Afghani, Chocolope, and Afghan Kush varieties to deliver potent relaxation to users. The strain is distinguished by its strong coffee and chocolate flavor – a legacy of Mochalope's aromatic ancestors. It comes with 22-25% THC and ensures a strong body high with the following long-lasting soothing effect. This strain is mostly recommended for chronic pain, cramps, inflammation, and neuropathy due to its powerful relaxing impact.

Recommendations for Cultivators

Growers often buy Mochalope seeds if they seek a fast-growing strain that doesn't require much effort and care. The feminized Mochalope strain seeds are fine for indoor and outdoor cultivation, but you should keep the temperature and humidity in check to ensure your plants flourish. You're sure to collect around 600g per m2 of your plantation if you do everything right.

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I will give this plant a solid 8 for ease of growth, good yield, and amazing taste. What I wasn’t crazy about was the height when it shot 5 feet up after the 5th week. I would say to grow it indoors as much as possible for the best yield.

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They say this Mochalope plant is easy to grow but didn’t say not to leave it unattended for 4 days. My buds all drooped and the yield is not much to write home about

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I thought 10 weeks were easy to wait for a plant to geminate and be harvested, but it’s only easy if you don’t need to pay it too much attention. not my cup of tea.

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They reach up to 5 feet, so you want to have plenty of growth space for your Mochalope Seeds and if possible, let it be indoors even though they do just as well outdoors if the humidity is perfect. They don’t need too much care, honestly, so I know ill keep growing them

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Listen, Mochalope Seeds are the best thing I ever tried because the chocolate flavor is so unexpected of a strain that is so high on Thc. Growth isn’t that demanding because I have done it indoors with the instructions the seeds company sent with the shipment. Have healthy soil, don’t overwater the plant, and just wait for your harves

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