Original Cheese Seeds for sale
Original Cheese Seeds for sale
Original Cheese Seeds for sale
Original Cheese Seeds for sale

Original Cheese Autoflower Seeds

by Crop King Seeds
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CBD: 13 - 17%

THC: 0.2 - 0.3%

Flowering Type: Autoflower

Type: Hybrid

Yields: 400g - 550g

Flavors: Cheese, Pungent

Genetics: Cheese x Ruderalis

Environment: Indoors , Outdoors

Flowering period: 9 weeks

Growing Information About the Original Cheese Autoflower

The Original Cheese strain seeds are autoflower, and the plants grow fast with a maturity period of 9 weeks. The plants from these seeds produce dark green, dense buds and grow to a height of about 70cm-100cm. Growers who buy Original Cheese seeds get a bountiful yield of up to 550g per plant, indoors or outdoors.

Major Effects and Aroma

Original Cheese weed is a highly potent and productive hybrid with a pungent cheesy flavor. The strain emerges from a combination of Cheese and Rudelaris, each with exceptional genetics and vigor. Its THC content is 21% and the CBD contents reach 1%. This weed variety has strong effects that will give you total relaxation within minutes. It is perfect for chronic insomniacs who need restful sleep and also relieves chronic pain.

User Reviews 11

Lorena Chambers

got a bit tensed during the process when the plant gave out this weird smell i panicked and though that my plants were dying but looked green enough anyway. Required some patience but I got the desired results at the end.

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Smooth growth and the buds are still curing but I have to admit that the smell is making me excited.. Can’t wait to grow some more

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my experience with this hybrid seeding plant was a bit weird. I have been home growing cannabis for some time now but this plant took some good soil preparation and even then i had to be careful with it

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I did not know that this strain could grow so fast and I am so very happy to see that my plant is thriving in my backyard, I am only waiting for the yield now.

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I am happy to report that this is a big plant with maximum yield. Only too my plant 8 weeks to grow and the whiff I got everytime I got close to it was just amazing. Had such a good time growing this plant, different looking different smelling but a smooth sailing experience.

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first time trying this hybrid strain, unlike other autoflower seeds this is growing quite a bit, a joy to see the growth

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Mario Carson

Growing the seeds in my backyard and its been only 7 weeks and the plant has already grown more than 60cms

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Madeline Mathis

Wow all my seeds have germinated, first time that happened and only speaks to the high quality of these seeds.

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The smell is too pungent for me, I don’t know if I should leave it outside or not don’t want it to die.

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Eileen Robinson

The best quality seeds I have ever used, germinated within no time, so happy by the speed and growth.

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Vivian Nelson

Getting excited because I have never grown a cannabis plant that had such a smooth growth process.. Fingers crossed.

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