Power Plant Seeds for sale
Power Plant Seeds for sale
Power Plant Seeds for sale
Power Plant Seeds for sale

Power Plant Autoflower Seeds

by Premium Cultivars
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CBD: 0.10 - 0.50%

THC: 22%

Seed Type: Autoflower

Type: Sativa

Yields: 3oz - 7oz (85g - 198g)

Climate: Temperate, Sunny, Cool

Effects: Energetic, Happy, Uplifted, Focused

Flavors: Earthy, Spicy, Herbal

Genetics: South African Sativa x Skunk #1 x Ruderalis

Plant size: 24 - 36 inches (61 - 91 cm)

Environment: Indoor, Outdoor

Harvest period: All Year

Flowering period: 7 - 8 weeks

Growing difficulty: Medium

Origin and Properties of Power Plant Seeds

This sativa-dominant strain emerged in South Africa and gained extreme popularity in Dutch coffee shops in the 1990s. You can still find this cultivar in almost every coffee shop in this cannabis-friendly country, which is a guarantee of high quality. It gives a recognizable earthy, pungent aroma and has a spicy, peppery flavor that will boost your mood and energy levels. We recommend trying this weed containing 15-20% THC and 2% CBD to reduce stress, anxiety, and tension. It works best for social encounters because it makes you talkative, happy, and energetic. A Power Plant seed is a must-have in a cannabis garden of every novice marijuana grower because it is low-maintenance and requires minimal cultivation skills. 

Growing Characteristics of Power Plant Autoflower

These seeds for beginners can be germinated using the classic paper towel method. All you need is a couple of paper towels and plates that will keep the seeds nice and warm. Place them in a dry, dark place and make sure the towels remain wet until the seeds develop taproots. After the seeds germinate, choose a growing site. Cultivators prefer planting Power Plant autoflower seeds indoors because it decreases the flowering time by 2-3 weeks. However, you can also grow this cannabis cultivar outdoors during the warm season when the garden gets plenty of sunlight. The plantflowers in about nine weeks, producing quality buds loaded with Caryophyllene, Myrcene, and Pinene.

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