Runtz Seeds for sale
Runtz Seeds for sale
Runtz Seeds for sale
Runtz Seeds for sale

Runtz Autoflower Seeds

by The Seed Connect
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CBD: 0 - 1%

THC: 23%

Flowering Type: Autoflower

Type: Indica-dominant hybrid

Yields: 150g - 500g

Climate: Temperate

Flavors: Fruity, Sweet

Genetics: Gelato x Zkittlez

Environment: Greenhouse, Indoors, Outdoors

Flowering period: 9 – 10 Weeks

Growing difficulty: Easy

Runtz Autoflower: Lineage, Health Effects, and Flavor

Runtz is an Indica strain. It comes with 23% THC and 0-1% CBD, which is a very potent soothing combination. The strain was developed out of Gelato and Zkittlez strains, mixing their relaxing and chilling properties. Don't be afraid of a couch-locking effect but be ready for a prolonged feeling of chill and relaxation Runtz is sure to deliver. Weed lovers appreciate its intensely sweet, fruity flavor.

How To Cultivate This Plant for Optinal Yield?

The Runtz strain seeds are autoflower, meaning that you won't spend too much time and effort growing them. It takes 9-10 weeks for the Runtz seeds to flower, and the harvest you can count on ranges from 150g to 500g per plant. The plant likes temperate climates the most, so it's suitable for indoor, outdoor, and greenhouse growing.

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I ordered these a few weeks ago. Shipping was nearly instant and the order was received a couple of days later. Planted the seeds indoors in pots and pretty much left them. Found the dark green buds ready to harvest after 10 weeks. Definitely get these even if you've never grown before.

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I have a high tolerance to Thc and enjoy smoking Runtz. That’s why I got these seeds but the plants failed to grow. I'd thought that autoflowering strains were easier to cultivate but these proved me wrong. I'll remain a consumer from now on.

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Ed M.

gardening has been my passion for many years now and growing cannabis is new to me. I started with Runtz and the experience was positive. Surprisingly, the plant didn't need much attention and took care of itself against pests etc. good number of flower too

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the yield I got from these autoflowering strains was unexpected. Nice and resistant plant that grows nicely in around 9 weeks

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Pamela Ball

Ok listen. I was truly excited for these seeds. They just didn't wanna grow for me. Very sad and disappointed. Not one for me.

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Kari Vega

My experience shopping Runtz from The Seed Connect was great. Quick shipping and excellent product. Grew them outdoors and got thick nugs of sweet relaxation.

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Rogelio G.

Runtz is a nice enough weed to grow indoors. It does need a little but of work and care to get right. I've never gotten a great yield from it though. But nice overall.

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Doug Luna

The buds I grew were beautiful and chunky. Yield was great for an autoflowering strain. Easy for newbies too.

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Let's just say that the growing experience was similar to how Runtz buds look. Pretty dark and disappointing.

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