Smoothie Seeds for sale
Smoothie Seeds for sale
Smoothie Seeds for sale
Smoothie Seeds for sale
Smoothie Seeds for sale
Smoothie Seeds for sale

Smoothie Autoflower Seeds

by Herbies Shop
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CBD: 0.00 - 1.00%

THC: 24%

Seed Type: Autoflower

Type: Indica-dominant hybrid

Yields: 2oz - 9oz (50g - 250g)

Climate: Temperate, Sunny

Effects: A sublime layering of berries and euphoria

Flavors: Sweet, Fruity, Tropical

Genetics: Somango x Blueberry

Plant size: 31 - 43 inches (80 - 110 cm)

Environment: Indoor, Outdoor

Harvest period: Late September

Flowering period: 10 weeks

Growing difficulty: Easy

Best Growing Conditions for Smoothie Seeds

Growing cannabis is an art, and the autoflower seed is perfect for growers who are looking for easy-to-cultivate and high-yielding seeds. The Smoothie weed is particularly suitable for indoor and outdoor growing, making it a versatile option for cultivators of all skill levels. To grow the autoflower seeds, cultivators need to ensure that the plant is grown in a suitable soil mix with 6.4 pH levels. 

The Smoothie plant requires an air temperature of 75°F during the day and 30% air humidity to grow correctly. The SOG technique is recommended, and marijuana responds well to high-stress training (HST).

These Smoothie seeds are an indica-dominant hybrid that grows in a compact shape to a height of 31-43 in, making it easy to cultivate in small spaces. With its autoflowering properties, the weed takes about 8-9 weeks to develop into a full-grown plant that is ready for harvesting.

Create a Refreshing High with These Seeds

The Smoothie Autoflower is famous for its explosive fruity flavors, which combine delicious mango and mouth-watering blueberry tastes. The flowers produce a sublime layering of berries and euphoria that creates a smooth, refreshing, and flavorful experience. With 24% THC and less than 1% CBD, these buds are a perfect choice for cannabis lovers who are looking for a euphoric and relaxing high.

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