Strawberry Cough Seeds for sale
Strawberry Cough Seeds for sale
Strawberry Cough Seeds for sale
Strawberry Cough Seeds for sale

Strawberry Cough Autoflower Seeds

by Crop King Seeds
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CBD: 0.10 - 1.00%

THC: 18 - 22%

Seed Type: Autoflower

Type: Sativa-dominant hybrid

Yields: 4oz - 7oz (113g - 198g)

Climate: Temperate, Sunny

Effects: Euphoria, Happiness, Relaxation

Flavors: Sweet, Berry, Strawberry, Earthy

Genetics: Strawberry Cough x Ruderalis

Plant size: 20 - 47 inches (50 - 120 cm)

Environment: Indoor, Outdoor

Harvest period: All Year

Flowering period: 9 - 10 weeks

Growing difficulty: Easy

Why Are Strawberry Cough Seeds So Popular Among Growers?

This indica-dominant strain is a delightful creation resulting from the crossing of Blackberry and Afghani genetics. With a flowering period of 8-9 weeks, this autoflower variety offers a quick and rewarding cultivation experience. Its easy growing difficulty makes it an ideal choice for beginners and experienced cultivators alike. 

The popularity of Strawberry Cough seeds among growers stems from their unique flavor profile, impressive yields, and therapeutic effects.

Strawberry Cough Autoflower Growing Tips

Autoflower seeds thrive in a sunny and warm climate, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. When growing these flowers, it is recommended to provide organic-rich soil that can absorb water and nutrients effectively. 

While there is no specific soil mix required, opting for sandy-clayey soil can facilitate optimal growth. This type of soil promotes proper oxygenation of the roots while ensuring excess water and nutrients are drained away. When grown indoors, employing a greenhouse setup and utilizing the Sea of Green (SoG) method can help achieve the marijuana’s average yield. Outdoor setups typically result in a harvest period in October, offering a medium-height plant with abundant buds.

Strawberry Cough Autoflower seeds reward cultivators with a generous yield ranging from 300 to 500 grams. The flowering time of 8-9 weeks ensures a relatively quick turnaround, allowing growers to enjoy the fruits of their labor in a timely manner. 

Captivating Effects and Flavor Profile

Its buds boast a unique flavor and aroma that combines notes of berry, honey, and butter. These delightful flavors create a sensory experience that is both enjoyable and enticing. When consumed, Strawberry Cough cannabis induces uplifting effects, emitting a euphoric aura that enhances mood and happiness. You'll feel energized and motivated, ready to tackle tasks and projects with renewed vigor. 

The weed’s calming properties contribute to relaxation, allowing for improved focus and productivity. Strawberry Cough seed is an excellent companion for social gatherings, instilling a soothing sensation that empowers you to take charge of social interactions.

Strawberry Cough marijuana possesses valuable medicinal properties that can assist in the treatment of various conditions. Users have reported a decrease in anxiety and stress levels, accompanied by an increase in energy and creativity. The weed’s potent analgesic properties make it a suitable choice for managing chronic pain, headaches, migraines, and muscle strains.

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About Crop King Seeds

Crop King Seeds was established in 2005 in Canada and started as a small firm improvising with cannabis seeds. Soon, it turned into a full-fledged company with 300 outlets.. Then, there was a transition into an online store.

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