List of the Most Popular Carene-dominant Cannabis Strain

Delta 3-Carene is a terpene naturally produced by cannabis plants. The terpene is also found in pine trees and cedar which explains its deep, earthy, cedar-like taste. Buds with 3-Carene also radiate a citrusy, lemon-esque scent.

Interestingly, 3-Carene has the ability to dry out fluids like sweat, tears, and even menstrual blood. So next time you experience a dry throat after smoking weed, you know which terpene is to blame. Besides that, Delta 3-Carene has a wide range of positive benefits. For example, it stimulates and enhances memory. That’s why patients with dementia and Alzheimer’s often choose 3-Carene strains for relief.

Speaking about the physical impact of the terpene, it is known for its strong anti-inflammatory usefulness. It also acts as a sedative which makes it beneficial for insomnia patients and those who suffer from anxiety. Carene also promotes faster healing of the bones. That’s why 3-Carene terpene strains are common among those suffering from fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, and any kind of bone disease.

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