List of the Most Popular Camphene-dominant Cannabis Strain

Camphene, much like the myrcene terpene, is known for its earthy, woodsy-like, fresh aroma of pine needles. It belongs to the group of 150 main terpenes found in cannabis plants. As its name implies, camphene is found in camphor oil. It is also produced in significant amounts by rosemary, ginger, nutmeg, holy basil, neroli, and valerian. Historically, camphene has been consumed as a food additive and an aromatic compound in skincare and perfumery. Interestingly, before the Civil War, camphene was a common fuel utilized for lamps. Yet, it was soon replaced by kerosene for reasons of convenience.

Despite a wide range of usages, the core benefit of camphene is its powerful health effects. According to the study, terpene leads to a drastic reduction in plasma cholesterol and triglyceride level in rats. Though more studies are required, we can surely state that the camphene weed strains are promising for patients with cardiovascular disease. The terpene has also shown to decrease inflammation and pain, not to mention its powerful antifungal abilities. ACDC, Banana Kush, and OG Kush are considered to be camphene terpene strains.

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