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Chronic Strain Review


The word “Chronic” has been a cultural, social, and political term for quite some time. In popular culture, Dr. Dre’s Chronic album and the gratifying commercial and critical success it was, made the word become synonymous with greatness and excellence. The strain, albeit representative of a balanced Sativa and indica blend, can also be viewed as popularly excellent—in its own way. It is the lovechild between three marijuana parents. The Northern Lights, Skunk, and AK-47 were genetically blended by Serious Seeds to produce buds that had the common repugnant smell of skunk when burnt and the sharp highness of Northern Lights. Chronic strain descends from the Northern Lights and Skunk parents, and it also births the Big Band and Super Chronic strains.

It has an almost balanced Sativa-Indica ratio of 60% to 40% and a THC level of 10% to 20% and a CBD level of 1% to 13%. The buds, which are marked by small to medium-sized flowers that seem glued together, are usually covered within and without by trichomes. The flowers at maturation usually produce a dewy yellowish color.

Chronic seeds give a sharp high that can last up to six hours—even for seasoned users. It’s high and relaxing effect makes it a good night time weed. One of the striking characteristics of weed is its associative effect. It is best smoked with a group of friends? It gives the giddy and in-depth type of highness that leads to deeper bonds of friendship. With Chronic, you can sit and watch the sunset while dragging each puff and reminiscing about college days with old pals. Marijuana is also suitable for passing the time away in endless thought (like philosophers do).

A puff keeps your mind high and heads in a muddled fog that is ironically clear enough for you to think analytically. The effects will always have you coming back for more. For as long as you have friends and lovers, and you want to share beautiful moments with them, cannabis should never be too far from reach.

Strain Effects

It has myriads of recreational, medical, and side effects.

Recreational effects

  • It is great for people with an analytical mindset. If your head is always trying to figure out stuff, ask questions, and unnecessarily attempt to analyze situations, it is your go-to-guy.
  • Wax is suited for night time. It is a great stress reliever. It puts you in a good headspace and can even mess up with your body system, so much so that you may need to have a nap time.
  • It is the type of weed you smoke on a Friday evening with a group of friends while you stream a Netflix video of John Wick shooting up bad guys.
  • It is great for mundane activities like errands. It helps you figure out stuff as quickly as possible. Are you trying to fix a sinkhole or buy some groceries? Chronic helps with that. Truthfully, you may not understand how you got the work done or where the energy came from, but you will surely get the work done.
  • It is also a weed you get to enjoy alone. Say you are at a party with friends and you need some alone time to clear your thoughts and think about life, roll up a blunt of Chronic and in a few blunts time, you will be in just the right headspace to think.

Medical effects

  • It whets the appetite. Chronic can exponentially increase your appetite almost to a gluttonous level. It increases your cravings for good food. Before it puts you to sleep, you may find that a bucket of popcorn might not suffice and you need a bowl of chicken as an add-on. When you wake, you will still most likely need another plate of food. For those who suffer incessant lack of appetite, the Chronic is a great choice.
  • It is great for treating insomnia; it generally increases your happiness. Chronic also makes you a more considerable person. It opens up your intelligence. The energy level this weed gives you will be a turn on to your partner. You may find yourself singing to your partner or doing things you probably would not want to do. In short, it cures the bedroom anxieties and puts negativities away.

Negative effects

  • Chronic buds normally possess flowery scent and aroma, but this aroma quickly gives way to a hash, spicy, and repugnant skunk related smell when burnt. If you are a discreet smoker, this is not your typically indoor smoke. You may have to smoke outdoors with a lot of breezes. If you must smoke indoors, you may need to invest in a good air freshener. An apple base and vanilla air freshener will do. Also, this is not the type of weed you smoke with the kids at home. They may not understand what terrible smell is coming from the bedroom, but in due time, they will know it is the skunk.
  • Chronic cannabis strain propels heart palpitations, rapid heartbeat, and panic attacks. If you are prone to heart attacks, this might not be your weed. When it is smoked, you may feel like your heart is in your mouth. You may also feel like things around you are in flux.
  • Other than the odor and the panic attack effect it gives (to patients who already suffer from easy panic attacks), the Chronic will probably be the best Marijuana you will smoke.

Reason To Choose Chronic

It has a high that takes off immediately when you take your first few drags. The high gives a headspace that may seem muddled at first but gradually fades and makes you more observant, analytical, and quick on your feet.

Look, Smell And Aroma

Chronic smells flowery with a hint of sweet and earthy aroma; however, when dried, the sweet aroma may quickly vanish. When grinded, the Chronic gives off a spicy and harsh cough-inducing smell. When burnt, the Chronic gives a repugnant nauseating skunk smell that may be offensive to non-smokers.

Chronic Taste

It gives an aftertaste that begins as fruity and peppery when exhaled. The taste lingers for quite some time on the tongue and throat. It is not the type of Marijuana that should be smoked when going in for a meeting or going close to a person. The smell might quickly tell on the user’s breath and clothes. However, to remove its repugnant smell, you can use groundnut (for the mouth) or simply brush your teeth after. A hand sanitizer and a good dose of perfume will also mask its effect on your body. For less discreet users, this is a hundred percent perfect weed.

Chronic cannabis strain is monumentally beautiful, popular, and powerful Marijuana. If you are looking to really get high and bond with people, take the chronic. Its highness gives a body weakness but a clear and strong mental state. When the Chronic is used, your heart opens up to different possibilities; your conversations are deeper, well thought out, sensible, energetic, confident, and reminiscent. It is simply a weed for association.

Who Is More Suitable To Use Chronic Cannabis?

  • It is suited for users who are already sociable in nature. If you have a small clique of friends, this is the perfect weed to get high on and talk about simple and complicated life issues.
  • It is suited for creative people. Chronic cannabis has been known to give the eureka moment. Are you working on a mathematical calculation and you feel stuck? The chronic strain effect can suddenly present the solution to you. It just happens. You are not thinking about the problem, but the Chronic’s greatness is in its ability to present solutions to problems you were not thinking about.
  • Chronic cannabis is suited for people who want to escape the adventurous life. Funny enough, Chronic is a leveler. It makes you level-headed. If your life has been filled with tumultuous circumstances and issues or if you have been going through a rough day, Chronic will help calm your nerves.

Opinion By Growers

Chronic usually takes a whopping 70 to 84 days for its buds to reach maturity. Growing the chronic strain to perfection will require some skill and it is not one an amateur grower should delve into. However, its yield is usually satisfactory and worth the delicacy of handling. Processing the Chronic takes some level of care; if not, the beautiful flowery scent may soon be lost before it even gets to the user. The difficulty of growing is usually moderately difficult. In general, growers usually give positive chronic strain reviews.

Chronic Weed Edibility

Chronic increases appetite. If properly processed, it can be mixed with noodles. The result is an intense feeling of fogginess in the head. The fogginess will eventually put you in a deep sleep. Foods eaten during the period of highness usually have an extra deliciousness to them. Chronic increases the taste nerves of your palate and tongue. Your taste becomes heightened, and a burger may soon taste like it was made in heaven.

Similar Strains

  • Mango Kush. More hungry.
  • Amnesia. More energetic.
  • Laughing Buddha. More creative.
  • Pineapple Kush. More uplifting.
  • FPOG. More arousing.
  • Lemon Kush. More THC.
  • Cotton Candy Kush. More uplifting.
  • Red Dragon. More uplifting.


Chronic is definitely worth the greatness of its name. Its defect of smell only makes it even great. When Marijuana is used in secrecy, sometimes, the secrecy makes it even more enjoyable. Just as the Chronic album and Dr. Dre were with faults, so is the Chronic. And just like the former, the Chronic greatness is in its strengths and its flaws. Chronic gives a sudden highness from the first drag. It makes you high—literally. It weakens your physical senses so that the mind can take over. The Chronic is great if you are trying to reach Nirvana—a state of purity of mind. It takes your mind to a place where everything is solemn and the complicated becomes simplified. This Marijuana is not bereft of the smell weakness; however, its weakness in smell is adequately revamped in its strength of quick, beautiful and perfect highness.


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65% Voted
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67% Voted
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68% Voted
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67% Voted
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69% Voted
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66% Voted
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Let us know how does this strain makes you feel or just simply leave a review.


Side Effects


Strain Cannabinoids
THC question mark
16.0 - 18.0%
CBD question mark
0.93 - 1.42%
CBC question mark
0.48 - 0.94%
CBG question mark
0.1 - 2.05%
CBN question mark
0.09 - 0.26%
THCV question mark
0.29 - 1.04%
Grow Info
Flowering time icon Flowering time
70 - 84 Days
Harvest time icon Harvest time
90 Days
Yield indoor icon Yield indoor
0.5 - 1 Oz/Ft² (~ 300 g/m²)
Yield outdoor icon Yield outdoor
1 - 2 Oz/plant (~ 400 g/plant)
Height indoor icon Height indoor
Height outdoor icon Height outdoor
90 >
Grow difficulty icon Grow difficulty
Flowering type icon Flowering type

User Reviews


    loves the edibles, love the cookies whenever I eat the cookies the taste comes in the real natural forms prefer eating the cookies than smoking and the reason is not far fetched it is because i love the natural taste i love cookies so much and the cookies contain. everything that is natural thus is. a specially made strain that is very good for everyone that loves quality and sweet cookies


    Obsessed with thus


    Now I feel happy I am elated I found this skunk because it does so well in my body system, this skunk is pretty dope it is different from any weed I have smoke all my entire life it drives away my worries and I am not afraid to take new and bold steps this is just so cool. It leaves me calmed and I am just happy in fact everybody knows Im happy these days

    Sam jons

    loves smoking this weed


    this pot is highly medicinal and also so recreational it cures anxiety and pain


    No positive vibes with this


    was suffering insomnia and was really terrified did not know how to go about it I was really disturbed with several issues until I found out about this weed and it has been so helpful to me Truth be told, I now fall asleep with much ease all insomnia all gone the moment I smoke this weed which is my most preferred way of taking it, I feel so relaxed and sleeps well


    This leaves me laid back


    it is good for my mind i testifies that this can help the mind stable


    I loves the cookies so very much if makes me feel giddy high

    Matt Jon

    while streaming some videos at night I puff this weed in the air, i just enjoy every puff. Actually, ive read about this strain on leafly and it is a very good delight for the evening. I cant watch my videos without smoking this pot, gosh I just enjoy doing this because it is very cool doing both activities together watch some videos puff some weed. This weed gives me more than I just ask for and it is what makes me stay alert to watch my videos


    dope… Doper… Dopest


    A puff of this keeps me so alert, i means so very alert


    If you feel tired all day long, then try this and feel like a superhero rightaway.


    Every time I smoke weed; I feel so happy. The relaxing experience is so wonderful


    I enjoy the blunts of this kush; it feels very enjoyable. It has a lovable taste.


    It makes me feel so energetic that I feel like I can better concentrate on my work. It is my favourite dope.


    I would recommend using smoking on this weed along with some snacks; you will thank me later.


    one of my favourite weed, I love the earthy flavour. But sometimes difficult to find in me region…


    I think it even improves my creativity to a great extent. From the earthy flavour to the THC content, this weed is something that I really crave for.


    After a few blunts, I feel high, and that is enjoyable experience.


    A great chill pil


    Awesome weed


    The reason for my euphoria


    strange, I did not feel the effects that everyone here describes … is it not suitable for people with high tolerance?


    I feel so calm…. But toooo lazy……..

    Calvin Garland

    This weed hits different with a good movie and good food

    Ken Rogers

    Im not a person who likes working around the house, a few hits of this gives me the energy though

    Macdougall Sullivan

    Like smoking this with friends

    Samuel Perez

    I prefer hitting a few blunts of this by myself and appreciate the little things that matter

    Manuel Hooper

    Kush that makes me think is the best kind of kush

    J Gordon

    Lol I get the randomest ideas after a blunt of this

    Jose Reid

    A few blunts of this plus a group of like-minded people and you might end up running for president lol

    Real OG

    Perfect party dope, conversations become easy

    Karol Stagg

    I had a crazy deadline, a few blunts later my assignment was finished


    This is my go to weed if I have to do something boring like sending a bunch of resumes to potential employers

    Nathan Olivarez

    Youll never be too much of a pro for this weed, always gets anyone high

    Steve McDuff

    Ordered one large pizza so I could eat it after a few blunts, ended up ordering a bunch of chicken nuggets

    William English

    This is the weed I like to hit when Im sober

    Scott Doggett

    Makes me think, makes me happy

    Samuel Perez

    I prefer hitting a few blunts of this by myself and appreciate the little things that matter

    Calvin Garland

    This weed hits different with a good movie and good food

    Macdougall Sullivan

    Like smoking this with friends

    Ken Rogers

    Im not a person who likes working around the house, a few hits of this gives me the energy though

    Steve McDuff

    Ordered one large pizza so I could eat it after a few blunts, ended up ordering a bunch of chicken nuggets

    Real OG

    Perfect party dope, conversations become easy


    This is my go to weed if I have to do something boring like sending a bunch of resumes to potential employers

Relationship between terpenes and tastes

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How do you like Chronic?


How do you like Chronic?

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