List of the Most Popular Cannabis Strains for Migraine Reduction

Migraine is moderate to the severe headache caused by a trigger. It includes sensitivity to sound/light, nausea, vomiting, and others. Cannabinoids in marijuana bind with the pain receptors and calm the pain signals. It also reduces the frequency of migraine episodes. It is recommended to inhale marijuana while having a migraine to ease the pain. Edibles are not as efficient as inhaling marijuana for migraines.

Studies show that hybrid is the most preferred for migraine treatment among the types of cannabis (Sativa, Indica, and hybrid). Regarding the THC/CBD ratio, usually, the strains with higher THC content than CBD are effective. For daytime use, species with higher CBD and lower THC would keep you alert, and for night use, a higher THC ratio will induce sleep.

The effect of specific strains on migraine treatment based on various factors. After a complete analysis, we have listed the top weed strains for migraines. We have also collected the top strains for treating insomniaarthritis, and pain.

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