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Gary Payton

Cannabinoid THC Dominant

THC 15.5 - 17%

CBD 0.24 - 0.56%

Effect Relaxed

Side Effect Thirst and dry mouth

Flavor Flowery

All About Gary Payton Weed Strain


Medium High
10% 12% 14% 16% 18% 20%


Low Medium
0% 0.4% 0.8% 1.2% 1.6% 2%


Newbie Skilled

Gary Payton strain shares its name with the NBA Hall of Famer. This balanced cannabis hybrid is a product of the collaboration of two cultivating brands: Cookies and Powerzzz Genetics. They established it as an offspring of The Y, or, so-called Y Griega and Snowman marijuana strains.

Gary Payton Strain Appearance, Taste, and Aroma

Dominant terpenes Beta-Caryophyllene, Linalool, and Alpha-Humulene influence the aromatic profile. The taste of this cannabis weed, also called Cookies Gary Payton, is made for those who love earthy, woody, piney, musky, fuel-like strains with sweet overtones and aftertaste. According to the measurements, the THC content in this one can vary from 17% to 20% THC. Hence, unsure users should check the potency before making a dosage. Some with low tolerance or those who smoked too much can experience such side effects as panic, anxiety, or in other cases, powerful couchlock.

Users who experienced Gary Payton cannabis describe it as a headbanger. They say that the smoke is smooth, but one puff is enough to get very high. Giggly and happy euphoria shows up and erases any possible stresses and depressions. Some note the focus boost, while others just get relaxed and friendly. Those prone to social anxiety mention its disappearing. The chattiness rises, and conversations become fun and engaging.

Gary Payton Weed Strain Common Usage

It is not recommended for the morning before a day full of tasks. The best way to use this marijuana is on the day off with friends or in the late afternoon to catch all the benefits. The strain also works great for medical patients suffering from physical pains and tension.

Side Effects

Thirst and dry mouth icon
Thirst and dry mouth 100% Voted
Dizzy icon
Dizzy 48% Voted
Fatigue icon
Fatigue 43% Voted
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Gary Payton Strain Cannabinoids

THC Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, is a major cannabis chemical compound. It is a psychoactive element that stimulates dopamine release and induces euphoria or happiness. THC-rich strains may be helpful with such conditions as lack of appetite, chronic pains , etc. It is considered to be the primary active marijuana component. 15.5 - 17%
CBD Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a major compound in cannabis, which is non-psychoactive. It is also proved to counteract the side effects of the second major component THC. CBD is widely used for medicinal purposes in rubs, oils and so on. It is helpful in muscle pain cases, may treat arthritis and migraines. Even Greeks used it against pain, while Queen Victoria applied it to get rid of menstrual cramps. 0.24 - 0.56%
CBC Cannabichromene, or CBC, is a minor cannabinoid, meaning that its quantity in cannabis is quite little. Though it has the same origin as CBD and THC, it is different in functions. Without any psychoactive effects, it is an efficient cannabis compound in combating acne and depression. CBC produces analgesic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. 0.16 - 0.57%
CBG Cannabigerol, or CBG, is one of the minor cannabis compounds in adult plants. On the other hand, young ones contain a lot of this antibacterial and anti-inflammatory component. During the growth, CBG is converted into different cannabinoids, mostly THC and CBD. The compound itself increases appetite and decreases eye pressure. 0.22 - 0.63%
CBN Cannabinol, or CBN, is a trace element in cannabis that is considered to be mildly psychoactive. It appears from oxidation THC, exposed to light and heat. CBN is mostly contained in old cannabis and in traditional hashish. It is effective against insomnia, bacterial infections and appetite loss. 0.05 - 0.15%
THCV Tetrahydrocannabivarin, or THC-V, is a compound contained in cannabis in trace amounts. Even though it is close to THC molecularly, it is different in effects. This compound may be psychoactive only in large amounts. THC-V reduces blood sugar, controls appetite, stimulates bone growth, etc. African Sativa strains are the richest in THC-V. 0.24 - 1.06%

Gary Payton Terpene Profile

Carene Carene (also known as Delta-3 carene) is a terpene found in rosemary, lemons, pines, and cedars, offering citrusy and cypress aroma. Studies on mice showed that carene provides anti-inflammatory effects, as well as promotes bone health and chronic pain relief. 0.04%
Pinene Pinene is one of the most widespread terpenes in nature, found in pine trees, basil, nutmeg, parsley, and rosemary. Cannabis containing terpene (alpha-pinene or α-pinene) boasts a strong pine scent. Pinene is responsible for anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, and anti-anxiety effects. 0.06%
Myrcene Myrcene (also known as β-myrcene) is one of the most common terpenes found in cannabis, representing more than 20% of the modern marijuana terpene profile. Myrcene has a distinct earthy, musky flavor, resembling cloves. It is responsible for calming and soothing effects of weed. Myrcene is also found in hops, thyme, mango, lemongrass, guava melon. 0.04%
Ocimene Ocimene (derived from the Ancient Greek word Ocimum meaning basil) is a terpene with sweet and herbaceous flavors, also boasting citrusy and woody undertones. Naturally, ocimene occurs in mint, parsley, orchids, hops, kumquats, mangoes, basil, bergamot, lavender, and pepper. Offers antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and antiviral properties. 0.01%
Camphene Camphene is terpene common for carrots, pepper, dill, fennel, nutmeg, thyme, as well as other fruits and vegetables. Camphene has a damp, pungent, herbal, minty aroma with pine undertones. In cannabis, mostly found in Indica strains. Camphene causes cooling sensations, having anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, antioxidant, analgesic, and antifungal effects. 0.11%
Geraniol Geraniol is a terpene initially contained in geraniums, as well as lemongrass, lemon peels, roses, blueberries, and carrots. The aroma is a sweet rose scent with notes of citrus. Geraniol features anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal, and neuroprotectant properties. It's rumored to have side effects such as allergic contact dermatitis or sensitive skin irritation. 0.06%
Humulene Humulene (also known as α-humulene) is one of the major terpenes found in cannabis, contributing to woody, earthy, spicy, herbaceous, and, mainly, floral aromas of cannabis. Used in modern medicine, humulene offers anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and appetite suppressant effects, which have been well-researched by pharmaceutical companies. 0.06%
Limonene Limonene (also known as d-limonene) is the second most common terpene in nature and the third most common terpene in cannabis. It has a powerful citrus aroma and can be found in all citruses, including lemons, oranges, grapefruits, limes, juniper, etc. Limonene is known to elevate moods and provide anxiety, depression, and stress relief. 0.1%
Linalool Linalool (also known as beta linalool, linalyl alcohol, linaloyl oxide, and p-linalool) is one of the rarest terpenes found in cannabis, mostly in small quantities. Linalool is known for its spicy and lavender aroma, bringing relaxation and calming effects. It is also said to provide anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties that can be useful for athletes. 0.06%
Valencene Valencene is a terpene that got its name from Valencia oranges - a fruit where It's initially found. Valencene offers citrusy, sweet aromas, with flavors having notes of oranges, grapefruits, tangerines, and, occasionally, fresh herbs or freshly cut wood. Citrus aromas, frequently found in a wide variety of cannabis strains, are contributed to by valencene, which is known for anti-inflammatory and insect repelling properties. 0.11%
Terpinolene Terpinolene is one of the most common terpenes found in cannabis; however, It's usually presented in small quantities. Is responsible for piney, floral, herbaceous, and even a little bit citrusy aroma of cannabis. Terpinolene can be found in lilacs, nutmeg, and cumin. In cannabis, terpinolene contributes to the sensation of "freshness." Has the potential to reduce the risk of heart diseases. 0.01%
Phellandrene Phellandrene (also known as alpha- and beta-phellandrene) is one of the rare terpenes found in cannabis with antihyperalgesic and antidepressive properties. Phellandrene contributes to a minty, woody, and mildly citrus aroma in cannabis. Previously confused with limonene and pinene, phellandrene was eventually distinguished as a separate terpene common for eucalyptus. Also, it could be found in mint, dill, black pepper, cinnamon, parsley, pine, and lavender. 0.12%
Caryophyllene Caryophyllene (also known as beta or b caryophyllene) is a terpene found in many herbs and spices, such as black pepper, basil, rosemary, and oregano. Cannabis high in caryophyllene delivers a strong spicy, peppery aroma, resembling cinnamon and cloves. Caryophyllene offers potent anti-inflammatory and sedative effects. 0.22%
Total terpenes content 1.00%

Growing Info

Flowering time 45 - 50 Days
Flowering type Photoperiod
Grow difficulty Easy
Harvest time 50 Days
Yield outdoor
Yield indoor < 0.5 Oz/Ft² (< 150 g/m²)
Height indoor < 30
Height outdoor < 30

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User Reviews 12


what i look for in a joint is its ability to make me feel relaxed and high at the same time. Gary Parton PASSED the test. The high was euphoric, almost immediately after my hit. Then as time wen on it spread all over the body and i found myself excitedly relaxed. The kids tell me I was on the front porch smiling and watering the plants and when that was done I just sat down and started looking at my plant babies.

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Timothy Perry

for all the sweet tooth peeps out there, this is what you ahve been looking for. whether you have it in a bong or as a joint, it burns with a sweet and aromatic taste smelling like berries and pine. Also, the aftertaste is just as sweet. There is the chance of getting cotton mouth but think about all the sweetness and piney freshness.

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I think that some strains have way worse fatigue than Gary Parton. On a scale of 1-10 I would give the fatigue levels a solid 5 which for most stoners is negligent. The high is super funked out to the point that the fatigue is not something you'll find yourself worrying about. PLus it comes way afterwards so there's not much to think about while the high is in place.

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My girl was really sleepy off it ?‍?️? : body high taste really good heavy buds

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Loved the gary payton strain!!! I got lucky enuff to get ahold of the live resin badder that beezle extracts entered in the emerald cup...heavy gas/burnt wood aroma on the nose.... great gassy berry exhale!!! 10/10 taste!!! If u can get ur hands on it don't hesitate... get it!!

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I found a seed in a pack of Gary Payton cookies. My mate popped it and it is now in week 12 of flowering and still not ready. So the advertised 45 to 60 days is inaccurate. Will update as soon as it's ready.

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I read about it in leafly and was intrigued. I have severe body pains regularly and needed a goddamn break from it. This weed made me realise how amazing life feels without pain

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Allbud reviews mentioned its super calming high and I personally experienced it. Bruh the dope hit so good I felt like im on a different planet altogether

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Guys. This is the best for those who want to get some confidence before speaking in front of an audience

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Uplifting and calming. Definitely my favourite

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Best for jam sessions with the homies

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I was too dizzy to enjoy

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