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Pakistan Valley Pakistan Valley

Cannabinoid THC Dominant

THC 19 - 20.5%

CBD 0.57 - 1.33%

Effect Happy

Side Effect Dry eyes

Flavor Sweet

Pakistan Valley Strain


Medium High
10% 12% 14% 16% 18% 20%


Low Medium
0% 0.4% 0.8% 1.2% 1.6% 2%


Newbie Skilled

Being one of the oldest strains in the world Pakistan Valley remains favorite among other plants for many consumers. It has an extensive gene pool, unreal musky flavor with sweet notes, and lovely bud structure. If you have an idea of how the Amsterdam coffeeshops used to smell decades ago, then you can imagine the aroma of Pakistan Valley.

History Of The Pakistan Valley Cannabis Strain

A strain that is quite popular and became so a few years back. It originates from the Hindu Kush Mountain located in Northern Pakistan which is how it got the name Pakistan Valley. It’s also known by a few different names such as Pakistani kush and PVK. The Pakistan Valley Kush strain is a 100% indica with a medium-high THC level of 21% and an average CBD level of 2%.

  • How was the Pakistan Valley marijuana strain developed? The original breeder is still unknown but there’s a World Of Seeds Pakistan Valley strain that is extremely good.
  • Pakistan Weed Lineage: Hindu Kush and Pakistan cannabis strains.

Pakistan Valley Strain Effects

Pakistan marijuana has the effect of making your body buzz in just a few puffs followed by a calm state. Most users are getting very lazy when smoking this strain, which is why it’s not recommended if you need to do some physical activity. It also has a sleepy effect that goes hand in hand with making you lazy. Since it has quite high THC levels, it’s extremely intoxicating and intense when you use it while making you feel relaxed, happy, euphoric, uplifted and sleepy all at the same time. Overall it’s a great strain for using late at night when you don’t have any physical activities you need to do and all that’s left is to relax and enjoy the evening.

Medical Appointments Of The Pakistan Valley Strain

The Pakistan Valley strain is very popular in the medical world as the amount of CBD it has is higher than most strains at 2%. It’s very effective and highly recommended for people suffering from insomnia issues as the drug makes you very sleepy and lazy letting you doze off in well-deserved good night sleep.

Aside from insomnia, it’s also able to help people who suffer from chronic pain, headaches, and nausea while at the same time offering relief from migraines. It’s mainly used for issues like insomnia as the body high it provides is extremely helpful when you’re unable to go to sleep.

Negatives Of The Pakistan Valley Strain

Just like many other strains, this one also has a few negative effects such as dry mouth and dry eyes.

Reasons For Choosing The Pakistan Valley Strain

This strain is excellent for people who want to feel a real buzz with a very strong body high that makes you feel happy, euphoric and relaxed all at the same time. It’ll also make you feel lazy and sleepy which is great if you’re having trouble sleeping because it may put you in a nice deep sleep, so it’s definitely recommended for late-night use and for people who have issues with insomnia. It’s perfect for anyone that has chronic pain issues, headaches or migraines as well because this strain can help with that too.

Some other things that are relevant reasons to choose this plant are:


The plant has dark green buds that are surrounded by crystals.

Smell and aroma

The aroma is quite pleasant and sweet-smelling.


The flavor is sweet and fruity with earthy and pine tones.


Based on a lot of user reviews, it is able to help people suffering from insomnia, headaches, chronic pain, relieving symptoms of tumors, migraines, and so on.

Who Should Choose The Pakistan Valley Strain?

A lot of users reported back that this plant is able to improve a lot of states and chronic conditions so it would mostly benefit those that are having issues with insomnia, headaches, chronic pain, need relief from tumor symptoms, migraines, but it’s also popular among users that want to use it recreationally and enjoy a strong body high with a buzz that is followed by a calm and relaxed state while making you lazy and sleepy.

Growers Thoughts

The Pakistan valley strain growth reports show that it’s one of the best strains to grow if you’re going for indoor growing as this plant seems like it’s made for it. It has a great yield and it’s easily maintained, which makes it beginner-friendly. It has a very short flowering time, which is what most growers are looking for and it doesn’t grow very tall, which makes it perfect for growing inside. The yield is anywhere between 400g per one square meter when grown inside and 400-600g per plant when grown outside. Growers love the plant for it’s extremely short flowering time of about 7 weeks on average combined with the low maintenance and the great yield.

How Popular Is It Among Growers?

It’s quite popular among growers because of the demand on the market but it’s also extremely popular because it’s very easy to grow and maintain while still offering a great yield with a short harvesting time. It has all the things that growers love in a plant, which is why it’s gaining in popularity.

How To Grow It Yourself?

As we already mentioned, it’s very easy to grow and maintain this plant even as a beginner in the growing business because the plant’s genetics are amazing and it doesn’t require much attention to grow healthy and produce a nice harvest. It has good resistance to pests and drought while only a medium resistance to mold. It’s possible to grow it both indoors and outside, although it’s perfect for growing indoors.

Overall the plant is considered to be of easy difficulty for growing, which means you shouldn’t have much trouble figuring out how to do it.

The Pakistan Valley strain gives a great harvest and has a flowering time of about 6-7 weeks, which is considered very short and one reason why growers love this plant. It yields about 400-450 grams per one square meter when grown indoors while outside it yields 400-650 grams per plant.

This is the perfect plant for a beginner grower to start with as it’s made to be grown indoors and you won’t need to have extensive knowledge to maintain the plant.

Related And Alternative Strains

Pakistan Valley strain is related to the strains it’s developed from, the Hindu Kush and Pakistan cannabis strains as well as some strains that are made from it like the Pakistan Ryder, Rocky Mountain Sour Kush, Rocky Mountain Sweet Kush, Shooks Rum Kush and Sugar Valley Kush.


The Pakistan Valley strain is a plant of an unknown origin and it’s only known that it’s a cross between the Hindu Kush and some other Pakistan cannabis strain, which was found in the Hindu Kush mountains in Northern Pakistan. It’s been rising in popularity in recent years due to it’s intoxicating and intense effects as well as the great relaxing feeling it gives the consumer.

With a THC level of around 21%, it’s on the medium-high amount of THC but the CBD levels of the plant are what make it a great asset and give it a medicinal value as it has around 2%. Because of it, it’s often used in medicine to treat symptoms of a tumor, chronic pain, migraines, and headaches. It’s perfect for late nights because it provides a strong body high, which is followed by relaxing and sleepy effects.

There are a lot of medical benefits as well that come with smoking this strain as people reported that it helps them with their stress issues, insomnia, headaches, migraines, and chronic pain.

Growers love this plant because it’s in high demand on the market and it’s of extremely easy difficulty to grow even for a beginner in the growing business. The flowering time of 6-7 weeks also makes it great for growing because it’s very short. The yield is also great considering the short flowering time at around 450g per one square meter indoors and about 450-650g per one plant when grown outside.

The cost of the seeds for growing is relatively cheap at around $20 per three seeds and considering the many great effects and medical benefits it offers, it’s not expensive at all.


Side Effects

Dry eyes icon
Dry eyes 91% Voted
Drowsiness icon
Drowsiness 91% Voted
Thirst and dry mouth icon
Thirst and dry mouth 91% Voted
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Pakistan Valley Strain Cannabinoids

THC Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, is a major cannabis chemical compound. It is a psychoactive element that stimulates dopamine release and induces euphoria or happiness. THC-rich strains may be helpful with such conditions as lack of appetite, chronic pains , etc. It is considered to be the primary active marijuana component. 19 - 20.5%
CBD Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a major compound in cannabis, which is non-psychoactive. It is also proved to counteract the side effects of the second major component THC. CBD is widely used for medicinal purposes in rubs, oils and so on. It is helpful in muscle pain cases, may treat arthritis and migraines. Even Greeks used it against pain, while Queen Victoria applied it to get rid of menstrual cramps. 0.57 - 1.33%
CBC Cannabichromene, or CBC, is a minor cannabinoid, meaning that its quantity in cannabis is quite little. Though it has the same origin as CBD and THC, it is different in functions. Without any psychoactive effects, it is an efficient cannabis compound in combating acne and depression. CBC produces analgesic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. 0.24 - 0.51%
CBG Cannabigerol, or CBG, is one of the minor cannabis compounds in adult plants. On the other hand, young ones contain a lot of this antibacterial and anti-inflammatory component. During the growth, CBG is converted into different cannabinoids, mostly THC and CBD. The compound itself increases appetite and decreases eye pressure. 0.56 - 1.25%
CBN Cannabinol, or CBN, is a trace element in cannabis that is considered to be mildly psychoactive. It appears from oxidation THC, exposed to light and heat. CBN is mostly contained in old cannabis and in traditional hashish. It is effective against insomnia, bacterial infections and appetite loss. 0.08 - 0.24%
THCV Tetrahydrocannabivarin, or THC-V, is a compound contained in cannabis in trace amounts. Even though it is close to THC molecularly, it is different in effects. This compound may be psychoactive only in large amounts. THC-V reduces blood sugar, controls appetite, stimulates bone growth, etc. African Sativa strains are the richest in THC-V. 0.38 - 1.14%

Pakistan Valley Terpene Profile

Carene Carene (also known as Delta-3 carene) is a terpene found in rosemary, lemons, pines, and cedars, offering citrusy and cypress aroma. Studies on mice showed that carene provides anti-inflammatory effects, as well as promotes bone health and chronic pain relief. 0.04%
Pinene Pinene is one of the most widespread terpenes in nature, found in pine trees, basil, nutmeg, parsley, and rosemary. Cannabis containing terpene (alpha-pinene or α-pinene) boasts a strong pine scent. Pinene is responsible for anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, and anti-anxiety effects. 0.06%
Myrcene Myrcene (also known as β-myrcene) is one of the most common terpenes found in cannabis, representing more than 20% of the modern marijuana terpene profile. Myrcene has a distinct earthy, musky flavor, resembling cloves. It is responsible for calming and soothing effects of weed. Myrcene is also found in hops, thyme, mango, lemongrass, guava melon. 0.31%
Ocimene Ocimene (derived from the Ancient Greek word Ocimum meaning basil) is a terpene with sweet and herbaceous flavors, also boasting citrusy and woody undertones. Naturally, ocimene occurs in mint, parsley, orchids, hops, kumquats, mangoes, basil, bergamot, lavender, and pepper. Offers antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and antiviral properties. 0.12%
Humulene Humulene (also known as α-humulene) is one of the major terpenes found in cannabis, contributing to woody, earthy, spicy, herbaceous, and, mainly, floral aromas of cannabis. Used in modern medicine, humulene offers anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and appetite suppressant effects, which have been well-researched by pharmaceutical companies. 0.05%
Limonene Limonene (also known as d-limonene) is the second most common terpene in nature and the third most common terpene in cannabis. It has a powerful citrus aroma and can be found in all citruses, including lemons, oranges, grapefruits, limes, juniper, etc. Limonene is known to elevate moods and provide anxiety, depression, and stress relief. 0.05%
Linalool Linalool (also known as beta linalool, linalyl alcohol, linaloyl oxide, and p-linalool) is one of the rarest terpenes found in cannabis, mostly in small quantities. Linalool is known for its spicy and lavender aroma, bringing relaxation and calming effects. It is also said to provide anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties that can be useful for athletes. 0.02%
Sabinene Sabinene is a terpene with a peppery, spicy, citrusy, and piney aroma, presented in Norway spruce, Holm oak trees, black pepper, cardamom, and carrot seeds. Found in cannabis in small quantities. Allegedly, sabinene has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. 0.06%
Phellandrene Phellandrene (also known as alpha- and beta-phellandrene) is one of the rare terpenes found in cannabis with antihyperalgesic and antidepressive properties. Phellandrene contributes to a minty, woody, and mildly citrus aroma in cannabis. Previously confused with limonene and pinene, phellandrene was eventually distinguished as a separate terpene common for eucalyptus. Also, it could be found in mint, dill, black pepper, cinnamon, parsley, pine, and lavender. 0.2%
Caryophyllene Caryophyllene (also known as beta or b caryophyllene) is a terpene found in many herbs and spices, such as black pepper, basil, rosemary, and oregano. Cannabis high in caryophyllene delivers a strong spicy, peppery aroma, resembling cinnamon and cloves. Caryophyllene offers potent anti-inflammatory and sedative effects. 0.09%
Total terpenes content 1.00%

Growing Info

Flowering time 55 - 60 Days
Flowering type Photoperiod
Grow difficulty Easy
Harvest time 64 Days
Yield outdoor
Yield indoor 1 - 2 Oz/Ft² (~ 400 g/m²)
Height indoor 60-80
Height outdoor 90 >

Pakistan Valley strain lineage

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It is very pungent, made me wince. I didnt notice this on wikileaf. Then again I found here, bought it and the skunk proved to be a bonus to my cannabis collection!

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Deep, calm and lasting sleep. I was glowing the next morning.

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It is sweet and also a little earthy. Both destroy the taste

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A very musky flavor

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A bomb in its own way!!

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Super Model

My top recommendation!

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Cappy Capes

I fell asleep but I want party. Not happy.

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being a long distance truck driver is so tiring. This marijuana helps ease the fatigue and makes me have good night rest.

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smoked it in the morning and kept me locked on the couch the half of the day.

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Makes me giggly and uplifts my spirit. It’s the best pot to set a partying mood with friends.

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Great stuff for evening use.

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I enjoy using it in the morning.

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I like my weed in a vaporizer It gives me the steam I need to start my day

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Watson Brooks

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Great stuff!

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Had a good time

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Im just started 3 pakistan vally and one bud bud bling ting in nft tray i think they will be ok together .ill let ya no when its time

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Dylan Davies

Its like a trip down memory lane as I smoke my joint I like it

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Much love for this

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Smith Train

Is this not the best product straight from Asia? Damn right it is cos It makes me feel like an emperor Besides its spicy and tastes magical

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Good quality

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Nellie Martin

Im an artist, and I sold the most expensive artwork Ive ever done just a fortnight ago Great things happen when you use best stuff This weed makes me supper creative

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Garvin Foster

Straight to paradise

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Ina Thompson

My temper is usually high I use to this strain to calm me down I become more jovial and see life from a different angle I feel sleepy sometimes, and its just great

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Ryan Daniels

Cheers to the farmers in Pakistan for this great stuff It helps me overcome my emotions

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I liked it so much The flavor is epic Will be using this onwards

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Dream maker

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Summer Fitzpatrick

Lots of respect

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Murphy Rogers:

My girlfriend loves it

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