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All About Papayahuasca Weed Strain

Papayahuasca is the child strain of Headband and Papaya. This is Indica-dominant cannabis, with a 60/40 ratio of Indica/Sativa. It contains up to 26% of THC content and up to 0.95% of CBD. The dominant terpene in the Papahuasca strain is Terpinolene, and it contributes to the sweetness of the strain's flavor profile.

Main Effects of Papayahuasca

The primary effects of consuming this weed that are reported by consumers include:

This is quite an uplifting and mood-boosting weed that will not knock you down but rather make you very happy. The euphoric sensation that comes with it lets people forget about their worries and have a positive day. This is not the strain to smoke before making an important presentation, though, because it often causes giggles. The ideal time to have it would be in the afternoon.

Beginners might want to stay away from this one as the high THC content can make it overwhelming for those who do not have a good tolerance to THC. Too much of it can also cause side effects like rapid heartbeat and paranoia. Medical marijuana patients report that this cannabis helps them treat depression, stress, arthritis, and lack of appetite.

Terpene Profile and Taste

The following terpenes can be found in Papayahuasca marijuana:

  • Terpinolene
  • Caryophyllene
  • Myrcene
  • Pinene

The resulting aroma and flavor profiles are sweet and fruity. As soon as the buds are cracked open, the earthy scent of pine fills the room along with pleasant notes of flowers. The taste is also very sweet. Terpinolene brings some fruity notes to the flavor. These are accompanied by strong undertones of mango that Myrcene introduces. Pinene brings the earthiness of pine, while Caryophyllene adds some floral notes. Whether you prefer smoking your weed or making cannabutter from it to use in edibles, you will likely enjoy this cannabis.

Information for Growers

Growing this plant does not require a huge amount of space, thanks to its medium height of 60 inches. Growers report that this strain has an expected yield of around 400 grams per square meter, whether it is grown inside or outside. The flowering time is between 52 and 62 days, after which you will get your hands on heart-shaped buds with bright green color and a thick covering of golden trichomes.

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Papayahuasca Strain Cannabinoids

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