List of the Most Popular Tar Tasting Cannabis Strains

Tar flavored weed strains are popular with those who appreciate rougher taste and aroma combinations. Consumers of this cannabis can be considered old school ones, wanting to get a nostalgic effect from the odor.

The smell of tar and diesel is present due to genetic inheritance. In fact, this came from the existence of sour diesel in the strain. This type of cannabis is more popular among experienced smokers than newbies. The THC level of these weeds varies from 15 to 26%. We have selected two of the most famous Tar strains.

ChemDawg is one of the legendary strains known for its genetics. Crafted by crossing old-fashioned Nepalese and Thai strains, this skunky smelling weed also tastes like earth and diesel. It is excellent for relieving stress and anxiety and creates calmness. This marijuana sharpens the senses while relaxing the body.

Blue Dream is the opposite of the first cannabis, as its origin remains a mystery. This tar flavored strain also has a noticeable sweet berry taste and is often used for medicinal purposes. This bud can energize and give you a sense of happiness and is therefore used to deal with chronic fatigue and depression.

Tar smelling weed strains are best when smoked, as they may not seem as appealing when added to baked goods. Consumers also say that cannabis with this flavor has a dry mouth side effect.

We also have listings of peach and tobacco cannabis flavors.

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