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White Buffalo
Strain effect image Giggly, Uplifted, Energetic
Strain taste image Flowery, Pepper, Pine

White Buffalo Strain Review


The White Buffalo is a rare and important spiritual symbol in the cultures of the Great Plains region. Inspired by such rarity, breeders decided to call an incredible marijuana weed with a similar rarity – the White Buffalo strain. White Buffalo marijuana is a hybrid with powerful effects. Even though it has some Indica features, this is Sativa leaning strain, which makes for stimulating and energetic cerebral effects in all its users.

Created as a cross of the pure Indica Romulan marijuana and an unnamed cross between Bay 11 and Blackberry Kush, this strain has an extraordinary heritage. With parents like these, it’s no wonder how this strain reached such popularity and obtained so many awards. It has a high THC level that often goes up to 25%, and a low CBD level. This makes it a highly potent, fast-acting strain with effects that will hold on to you for at least a couple of hours.

If you have been feeling worn out or stressed, it might just be the perfect pick-me-up that will bring you back to life. Its high potency is the ultimate solution for those who look for a refreshing way to beat panic disorders and stress-related issues instead of prescribed medications. With its taste of plums and apples and amazing aromas, this strain is definitely not something you want to miss out on.

What Is The White Buffalo Strain?

It is a cross of a single amazing Sativa and two Indica dominant hybrids. Thanks to its tough structure and quick flowering process, the strain is as popular with growers as it is with consumers. And while the White Buffalo cannabis is a Sativa-dominant strain, you can be certain that it’s more than capable of providing you with a strong, amazing high.

The albino animal that this strain got its name from is a rare sighting, which should tell you a lot of things about this strain. The name is as elusive as the strain itself but at this point, the great effects of the White Buffalo seeds are well documented and praised all around the world. Undoubtedly, it has inherited the intense and long-lasting mental stimulation from its parent Bay 11, one of the best buds known in the marijuana industry today.

Apart from the great recreational effects it offers, White Buffalo cannabis retains its great medicinal value. The stimulating cerebral high is just one of many reasons why people choose to consume this strain, both in recreational and medicinal terms.

What Are The Effects Of The White Buffalo Weed?

The effects vary from one consumer to the next. Naturally, this is determined by many factors such as the frequency of use, the dose, the experience of the smoker, as well as the form of the strain they are consuming. But, regardless of if you’ll smoke White Buffalo or take it in the form of wax, you can expect at least some of the following symptoms:

Euphoria56% of users
Uplifting feeling50% of users
Happiness48% of users
Relaxation42% of users
Energy boost39% of users

White Buffalo gives its users a rather fast head rush. When you smoke the White Buffalo weed, you can expect an increased circulation around your eyes, temples, and the entire face. In some cases, consumers detect a bit of dizziness before they acclimate to the strong high.

When this passes and you get adjusted to the high (which happens faster to experienced marijuana users), you’ll notice that your perception is getting sharper and sharper. The ordinary thoughts that have been rushing around your mind may take on new significance, not to mention ordinary stimuli that you’ll start seeing as less ordinary. When you consume it, prepare yourself to get into a freely-associative, cerebral mind race.

If you consume this strain in a more comfortable setting, which is always recommended for relaxing marijuana strains, you may experience symptoms of euphoria and an increase in happiness. Some experience such symptoms right before the high wears off, but in most cases, the strain will keep you energized for hours to come. This isn’t the type of weed that will immobilize you and take you to your couch.

As a matter of fact, the lucidity and energy that the White Buffalo marijuana provides make it a great daily option. This means that you can still perform some active tasks during the day, or consume it to keep you awake at social gatherings at night time.

Even those with high tolerance enjoy the White Buffalo cannabis because of its high potency and long-lasting effects. But, unless you want to spend the night awake and active, you definitely want to stay away from this one since it will keep you wired for hours to come.

You should also be aware that there’s no playing around with White Buffalo cannabis. Highly potent strains such as this one hit really quickly and start elevating the mood right away. The euphoric cerebral high will come fast so, if you are an inexperienced marijuana user or haven’t tried strains of such potent caliber, you definitely want to pace yourself.

Don’t despair if you haven’t tried such strains before. Beginners often enjoy this strain as long as they use it with caution. You can even bake it as edibles or consume it in different available forms.

Let’s go step by step:

  • After the first toke, expect a stimulating euphoric high. This will promote your positive outlook and enhance your mood. Expect to sense some happiness from within.
  • Next, you’ll experience a tingling buzz from your temples, going down in waves. The sensation is invigorating and uplifting.
  • With each toke, you can intensify the energizing effects. At some point, you’ll rid all your muscles of tension.
  • When the effects start dozing away, you’ll feel calmness overtaking your body.

Are There Any Medical Benefits Linked To White Buffalo?

The high potency of White Buffalo makes for excellent medical applications as well as recreational. The White Buffalo weed is frequently consumed by patients who have to deal with frequent stress or depression. The emotional uplift that this strain promotes can rid many of the troubling symptoms.

The White Buffalo weed is also used by people who suffer from attention deficit disorders. Since the cerebral vibe of this strain is strong and helps people get focused on the things at hand, this cannabis is quite popular among creatives as well.

To be more, White Buffalo has known anti-inflammatory properties. This means that some medical cannabis users take this strain as an analgesic for pains such as headaches, or other mild aches.

If you are prone to THC induced anxiety and paranoia, be wary of the high potency of this strain. You might want to start with small doses to see how this strain affects you.

Its properties and effects make it the perfect option for patients suffering from depression and anxiety, as well as common symptoms of such conditions like fatigue. By consuming the strain, patients get rid of the emotionally and mentally draining fight their body has with stress. The strain gives them the much-needed energy to get out of bed and be active and also treats some inflammations, pains, and aches.

Are There Any Side Effects?

White Buffalo marijuana is high in THC and therefore, highly potent. So, you can expect some side effects the same as with other marijuana strains. But, you’d be happy to hear that the adverse effects of this strain are easily manageable.

In most cases, the reported adverse effects of White Buffalo cannabis are cottonmouth, headaches, and dizziness. It suffices to say that the first effect is often the cause of the other too, which is why continuous hydration could possibly resolve any of these issues for you.

What Are The Features Of The White Buffalo Marijuana?

Now that you know of the vast and great effects of the White Buffalo cannabis strain, let’s see what its features are.

How does the White Buffalo cannabis strain look, smell or taste?

Visually, the White Buffalo cannabis strain isn’t something we’d call remarkable. The flowers are tiny and clustered together in nuggets that look like popcorn. If you’ve seen Indica varieties, you’ll instantly recognize the solid and dense buds structure, as well as the tightly coiled leaves that go around the central stem.

The leaves of the White Buffalo strain have various dark green shades and the recognizable orange pistils of Indica strains. Thanks to the high resin production, the flowers stand out. Similar to the White Widow strain, the White Buffalo plant is coated in white trichomes layers which give it a pale, soft sheen. To be more, this resin makes the flowers coated with a sticky texture. For growers, this is bad news since it is difficult to break up the strain by hand when the time comes.

When cured, the buds of the White Buffalo marijuana get a sour and musty smell with traces of berry aroma. Since the strain comes from the lineage of the Blackberry Kush as its grandparent, these traces are yet another proof of its quality heritage.

If you break open the buds of the strain, you’ll feel a woodsy, piney scent. When you combust the White Buffalo weed, expect it to give off a harsh smoke. For inexperienced smokers or those who aren’t used to such harsh smokes, this may induce coughing.

Should You Consume The White Buffalo Cannabis?

Now the question that you’ve probably been asking yourself all this time – should you be giving it a chance?

If you are in for amazing high and great cerebral effects that will take you away from all your worries, then it’s a definite yes. This strain is bound to please any Sativa lover that wants a daily buzz combined with some relaxation. And let’s not forget that this strain has many medicinal applications, too.

Is The White Buffalo Marijuana Popular With Growers?

It might be hard for growers to find the seeds of the White Buffalo weed strain nowadays but those who can get their hands on it definitely love growing it. The strain requires some work, but not much, and thanks to the big interest, it’s definitely gotten the attention of growers worldwide.

How To Grow The Plant?

Most growers nowadays rely on mature plant clippings to grow identical clones. The plant can be grown outdoors or indoors but, if the grower decides for the first option, they need to do this in a Mediterranean-like climate.

Any indoor grower must keep an eye on the growth of its White Buffalo cannabis plant. The plants can stretch as high as 6 feet, which is why growers need to prune and trim the branches to fit within smaller spaces, preferably at the early, vegetative stages.

The White Buffalo cannabis strain is ready for harvest within 9 to 10 weeks when grown indoors. When grown outdoors, the plant is ready for harvest in October.

If you choose to grow it indoors, make sure that the White Buffalo plant has a hydroponics system. The plant prefers to grow in soil. When grown outdoors, the plant can yield around 16 ounces per plant. When grown indoors, you should be able to get 16 ounces per square meter.

Is White Buffalo useful to edibles?

Thanks to its popularity and many medicinal uses, the White Buffalo cannabis can be found in many forms, including edibles. You can smoke it, vaporize it, or find it in the form of extracts, gummies, and concentrates.

Now, you should be aware that the popularity of the strain, as well as its rarity, has made it really expensive. If you can get your hands on it, it would cost around $400 per ounce, but it’s completely worth it.

What Are Alternative Strains For The White Buffalo Cannabis Strain?

In case you can’t track down some White Buffalo weed, here are some Sativa-dominant alternatives you might want to consider:

  • Haze Berry is a really popular recreational and medicinal strain that combines the Haze cerebral high and the Blueberry taste. Its buds have a sweet flavor and provide a high that’s ideal for daily use, similar to the White Buffalo strain.
  • Power Flower is a strain that’s been engineered for those who want high yields and easy growth. When grown indoors this strain gives around 650 grams per square meter. This strain also thrives in warmer climates, but it offers a much smoother cerebral high than that of the White Buffalo marijuana.
  • Shining Silver Haze is yet another strain that comes from the long Haze line. This strain traces a great lineage to Northern Lights, Skunk, and Haze. The hybrid is fast-acting, hard-hitting, and provides an amazing high with a great deal of clarity.
  • Amnesia Haze is a strain that’s considered to be one of the top-yielding plants around. It has an immediate, strong cerebral high with similar psychedelic overtones as that of the White Buffalo cannabis.


The White Buffalo cannabis strain might be rare and hard to find, but if you can get your hands on it, it’s definitely something you must try at least once in your life. This relatively expensive, highly potent strain is providing its users with an immediate lift, happiness, euphoria, as well as relaxation.

Because of its high potency and long-lasting effects, the White Buffalo weed is also widely used for medicinal purposes. This eclectic, marvelous mix of the best genetics is accompanied by an unusual scent and taste and fascinating effects. When you consume the strain, you can expect a fast-rising high and a boost in energy, which makes it a perfect daily strain.


What are white buffalo strain effects?

The high starts with a euphoric head rush that boosts your mood and leaves you energetic and happy. As your mood elevates, you will be left with a tingling head buzz that slowly spreads to the rest of your body and leaves you slightly sedated but fully functional.

Giggly Icon
71% Voted
Uplifted Icon
69% Voted
Energetic Icon
68% Voted
Flowery Icon
70% Voted
Pepper Icon
71% Voted
Pine Icon
73% Voted
Side Effects
Concern Icon
70% Voted
Thirst and dry mouth Icon
57% Voted
Thirst and dry mouth
Panic attacks Icon
64% Voted
Panic attacks

Let us know how does this strain makes you feel or just simply leave a review.


Side Effects


Strain Cannabinoids
THC question mark
18.0 - 21.0%
CBD question mark
0.88 - 1.46%
CBC question mark
0.31 - 1.49%
CBG question mark
0.42 - 1.92%
CBN question mark
0.1 - 0.23%
THCV question mark
0.23 - 1.95%
Grow Info
Flowering time icon Flowering time
56 - 64 Days
Harvest time icon Harvest time
72 Days
Yield indoor icon Yield indoor
< 0.5 Oz/Ft² (< 150 g/m²)
Yield outdoor icon Yield outdoor
0.5 - 1 Oz/plant (~ 300 g/plant)
Height indoor icon Height indoor
Height outdoor icon Height outdoor
90 >
Grow difficulty icon Grow difficulty
Flowering type icon Flowering type

User Reviews

    heather lee

    My first favorite sativa. I have adhd so after my jack herer experience, I have been scared to go sativa until today. The flavor is wonderful and gave me instant munchies and my racing thoughts have slowed down and organized themselves to a speed which I can perceive. I love this strain and legal weed. My life sucks so much less now that the paranoia of jail is gone. one love✌️


    White buffalo is perfect dope for those looking for something strog that doesnt get them stoned. Like me, you will love it too if the requirement is same.


    It is sufficiently uplifting and buzz lasts for long


    Leafly suggested pot but I went for wax variant. A very good choice I made.

    Faded Fickler

    The wax form absorbs easily, works well to produce high and it lasts.


    Why didnt wikileaf mention we gain weight!?!?


    Looks shit but tastes lit! And the high is slow but on top!


    Nyssshhh rosy smell


    Taste like black pepper.

    Nirvana Neevs

    Prevents swaying mood disturbances

    Silky Hairy

    Only last one hour


    Great for evenings with some dorritos.

    Yellow Umberella

    I need mooooreeee


    If you have a large number of assignments with their deadlines approaching, this weed will make you more energetic. You should surely go for this weed, it will benefit you a lot.


    It helped me get through an immense workload, thanks to this weed. It helps me handle the difficult situations without feeling my mind with stress and anxiety. So, a few puffs of this strain work nicely for me.


    Whether it is the taste or the high I experience, everything is amazing. Whenever I feel sad or frustrated, I smoke this weed, and the effects are real quick.


    If you love the fruity flavour, then nothing can be better than this strain.


    I should say that if you are looking for a strain with an amazing taste and helps in relieving stress and anxiety, you should go for this one.


    This MJ hits me high; I love the taste. A few bongs help me get over difficult problems


    I have been suffering from anxiety for a long time; this weed helped me a lot.


    Every evening, I enjoy bunts of this kush


    Best morning weed.


    WB packs muscles Id recommend no more than three joints per day. These strains that hit right of the bat can make a mess in your concentration and coordination abilities. The trip rocks, its so fluent and chill…


    Everything above 15 percent is just insanely potent! White buffalo hits you fast with its strongest hit, I learned that the hard way using my bong 🙁 But if you are smarter than me, youll start slow and have amazing time 🙂

    Rafael Toro

    WB from Trelieve Tampa at 29 Thc I like it relaxing calm focus les depres I need to go back on time I’m 66yrs sick have los everything so it help me dream thanks.

    Clifton Smith

    I was never that much of a strain geek until I smoked this one night, I just needed something to help me sleep but I couldnt. It felt a little like drinking a large can of redbull, Ill probably hit it in the morning from here on out especially when I dont feel like waking up

    Jonathan Vaughn

    That head rush before the high!

    Jonathan Vaughn

    That head rush before the high!


    One of the best morning weed strains

    Daniel Bender

    Fruity, appley taste and a strong high


    Lifts my mood fast

    Willie Radford

    A much better option than coffee and energy drinks, keeps me energized


    Great high for when you want to get some serious work done or just want to power through one of those boring meetings. The head rush takes a little getting used to though, first time I hit this weed it made me hella dizzy I had to sit down for a little bit and regroup.


    One of the best morning weed strains

    Rachael Lancaster

    The best blue Monday killer

    Mary Guy

    Wish this strain was more accessible in my area, its lit

    Mildred Robinson

    Gets me active everytime

    Demetrius McConkey

    This is a spiritual kind of herb, takes you to another level

    Marian Upton

    Bought a bag of this last year for a party we lit it up in a bong and had the best night ever, straight up partied until 3am before anyone felt sleepy. I just got some of it today too, wish I could party again but Ill just hit it and read a book, play a game or something

    Clifton Smith

    I was never that much of a strain geek until I smoked this one night, I just needed something to help me sleep but I couldnt. It felt a little like drinking a large can of redbull, Ill probably hit it in the morning from here on out especially when I dont feel like waking up

White Buffalo strain lineage

Relationship between terpenes and tastes

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