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Founded in 2011, ACT Laboratories is one of the leading labs in the testing of cannabis. The firm opened its first state-licensed lab in Moton, Illinois in 2015 and has since then grown and expanded into a multi-state company with laboratories spread across the Midwest. The company’s mission is to offer protection and educate cannabis patients by offering reliable test results in the industry. They do this through fostering valuable relationships with their clients and the community at large. ACT offers comprehensive cannabis testing services such as potency testing, terpene profiling, microbial testing, and pesticide screening.

Why Choose ACT Laboratories

State-of-the-Art Technology. The firm uses the latest technology including the HS-GC FID system, LC triple quad mass spec, and HPLC GC triple quad mass among others. These ensure consistent and quality test results.

Consultation Services. The company offers consultation to growers during the pre-grow, growing, and post-harvest time. This way growers can be aware of the necessary steps towards producing quality cannabis.

Quality Testing.  ACT Laboratories is dedicated to providing precise and consistent test results supported by high-quality standards. They take accountability for all the data given.

Commitment to Safety. ACT Laboratories take it as their responsibility to ensure that all products being sold to the consumer are safe. Customer safety is their priority and that’s why they take all necessary steps to ensure this.

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Lansing, Michigan


Jeff Nemeth, CEO



User Reviews

  1. Roy

    I met this lab a year ago when I needed to test cannabis. So far, I have had pleasant impressions. Everything happens at a professional level, from placing an order to receiving results. I recommend contacting these specialists. You wont regret

  2. Sarah

    I had to test in this lab. Great job. I got a quick result with a detailed description. I will contact them if necessary. ACT Laboratories deserves the status of the best laboratory in the country, this is my personal opinion.

  3. Stevie

    The ACT Laboratories has a fairly extensive network. For me, this means that its activities are high quality and proven. I think its really great that there are labs that test cannabis and give customers exactly the information they need.

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