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AskGrowers is a tightly-knit group of cannabis connoisseurs, industry journalists, growers, manufacturers, and industry fans

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Grower Stories #131: Sam McAdam Sales and Marketing Director of Floravega

The AskGrowers team sits with Sam McAdam from Floravega to ask about how the company came to be and what it focuses on. He talks about the brand’s focus on affordable and yet quality flowers for the people of Nevada as well as how the brand helps to make local impacts. Their medical and recreational products both are created with sustainability in mind.

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Grower Stories #130: Jeffery Freeman Jr Co-Founder of MFUSED

The AskGrowers team chats with Jeffery Freeman Jr., who talks about MFUSED and how the company is leading the way when it comes to cannabis vapes and full-spectrum products. He talks about how the brand is Clean Green Certified in Washington State.

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Grower Stories #129: Aya Maria Co-Founder & CEO of Ayaora

Sitting down for a conversation with the AskGrowers team, Aya Maria, co-founder and CEO of Ayaora talks about the brand’s conception and development. She sheds some light on how the company operates, how they run their ‘Seed to Body Conscious Cannabis Movement.’

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Grower Stories #128: Adriane Polyniak Co-Owner & Executive Director of Bluegrass Hemp Oil

The AskGrowers team sits down with Adriane Polyniak, co-owner and executive director of Bluegrass Hemp Oil, or BHO. She tells us about how her family’s personal experiences led to the creation of the brand and how they are now focused on creating natural, full-spectrum, and safe CBD products to help others.

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Grower Stories #127: Victoria Flores Co-Founder of Lux Beauty Club

Beauty and wellness products containing broad-spectrum CBD and organic ingredients that work for the whole body. They use a transparent formulation and enrich products with cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, minerals, and such essential vitamins. Co-founder Victoria Flores has a lot to tell.

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Grower Stories #126: Karina Primelles Co-Founder of Xula

Xula’s Wellness Tinctures and Topical Women’s Health Blends are truly herbal infusion. The co-founders of the brand claim that herbal formulas are created using ancient knowledge and modern science. CBD is sourced from their own hemp farm.

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Grower Stories #125: Miriam Aristy-Farer Founder of Herbas

The brand creates plant-based CBD products sourced in New York. Miriam Aristy-Farer, as the brand owner, supports local organic hemp farmers and uses environmentally friendly packaging and compostable bags that are 100% bio-based. Everything is produced in small batches and in a Dominican style.

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AskGrowers is a tightly-knit group of cannabis connoisseurs, industry journalists, growers, manufacturers, and industry fans