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Alien Genetics

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Alien Genetics is seedbank. They are selling 41 different cannabis strains that are bred by them. The seeds that you can purchase from Alien Genetics, being sure that you are getting the flavor and type that you can try out. The brand is a creator of such wonderful cannabis strains as Starfighter, Orange Freeze, FPOG, ARC and other.

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Humboldt County, California.





User Reviews

  1. Claire

    I have been looking for a strain that would help me manage my back pain and a friend recommended that I try the Tahoe Alien from Alien Genetics and I am glad that I listened. This strain has helped me manage my pain and even helped boost my sleep. I will be trying a few more of their strains.

  2. Brooks

    I find Alien Genetics to be a reliable and trustworthy. I have been buying seeds from them for sometime now and they deliver on time with clear instructions on how to go about the cultivation process. The germination is 100%. Nothing to complain about them.

  3. Booth

    I have tried a few strains from Alien Genetics and I find them to be very flavorful and highly potent. The products are of high quality and will solve almost any body and mental issues that you may have. The wide variety of strains is particularly amazing.

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