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I love their CBD products

Tabitha Green 12.17.2020

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About Alter Farms

Alter Farms is an Oregon-based company that produces sun grown cannabis for recreational and medical marijuana users. This award-winning company is Clean Green certified, which means that they use sustainable methods to create organically-based products. On the website, you can find a detailed presentation of their story. According to this, the company’s creators purchased the Alter Farms location in 2015.

Why Choose Alter Farms

Award-winning brand. Alter Farms has won many awards for high quality products. They’ve won the first place at the Oregon Cultivation Classic three times in a row. Moreover, they won ‘Outstanding Terpenes at Diversity, the 2019 Cultivation Classic, as well as People’s Choice 2018 Oregon Growers Cup.

Clean Green certified. The brand is certified by Clean Green, one of the leading certifiers for sustainable cannabis growth.

Widely available. Alter Farms’ sun grown cannabis is available in licensed Oregon stores. Because of the high popularity of the brand, you can find it in numerous locations throughout Oregon.

Featured in many publications. If you check the most featured brands in publications such as Dope Magazine or The Portland, you’ll come across this brand for sure.

Sun grown and sustainable. Alter Farms is Clean Green certified because all of their products are sun grown and sustainably grown. They don’t use pesticides and unhealthy additives in producing their cannabis.

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Tabitha Green

I love their CBD products

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Quiet Foxx

THC strain from Alter Farms

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William Burke

Alter Farms is the best

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