Alternative Compassion Services

About Alternative Compassion Services

Alternative Compassion Services provide high-quality seeds and strains in Massachusetts. Starting from the source, they carefully pick their cultivators and staff, focusing on a collective passion for high-quality cannabis products. Setting the standard in this industry, Alternative Compassion Services use a third-party testing laboratory which is licensed and has state-of-the-art technology. Their delivery service cover Barnstable, Bristole, Norfolk, Middlesex, Suffolk, and Plymouth. They do not accept debit cards, so all home deliveries must be paid with cash or CanPay.

Why Choose Alternative Compassion Services

Their facilities benefit from the highest sanitation standards, and all of their staff adheres to strict practices which are compliant with current regulations.

Before any of their products is sold, it is tested and it must pass third-party certification. As a result, all their cannabis products are of highest quality.

The high diversity of their products offers versatility and flexibility. Their product line is broad and it encompasses hybrid strains, Indica, Sativa, and even CBD products.

For people with orders higher than $300, the delivery is free of charge. They also have numerous discounts and promotions available.

Home delivery is an ideal method of buying cannabis products. This is suitable for anyone who wants to maintain their privacy, or cannot reach the dispensary due to various reasons.

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