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As one of the leading CBD producers, American Shaman focuses on offering safe and highly potent CBD. The company was founded in 2015 by Vince Sanders. Their products are organic and eco-friendly. These come in different forms and are available for delivery in all U.S. states, assisting with stress and pain relief while ensuring virtually no mind-altering THC traces. Their branded oil contains cannabidiol natural carbon dioxide extract.


American Shaman aims to boost their customers and the planet’s wellness by offering the best-quality CBD on the market.

Why Choose American Shaman

The process of extracting cannabidiol commences after the governmental agencies approve this procedure, ensuring safety and quality for the consumer.

All batches are tested using ultra-performance convergence chromatography. The production facility uses proprietary nanotechnology to maximize their CBD products’ bioavailability, making them more efficient.

Hemp-derived products are available throughout the entire U.S.

The company has a Compassionate Care program for customers with lower income, veterans, or others in need.

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a couple of weeks ago I placed an order with American Shaman and there was some sort of mix up and I ended up with the wrong product. I called back to the customer support and they sorted the issue immediately and sent me the replacement within two days. I really like shopping with them, they have great products, great customer support, and swift delivery.

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My husband has been out of surgery and was experiencing a lot of pain during the recovery period and the prescription he was given wasnt doing him much. I decided to do some research online to find something that would relieve him of the pain and I came across American Shaman. I immediately ordered their Full Spectrum CBD Oil. He has been using it for three weeks now and we have noticed great improvements.

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I prefer making online purchases as I hardly have the time to leave my job to go buy a product at a store. I ordered their VG Cloud oil tincture and they delivered as they had said they would. I have been using for a couple of weeks now and I can feel its effects already. Great customer support and swift delivery. Thumbs up American Shaman.

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Literally I have tried almost all products by American Shaman right from their oils, to the gummies, topical, and edibles. I find their products to be very effective and flavorful. They are also cost effective even for when I am on a budget I can still get something.

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So far, I have no complains about this brand. Very affordable and effective products.

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The best way to start your day is with a CBD oil tincture from American Shaman.

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