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Apothca is a medical and adult-use vertically integrated cannabis company in Massachusetts. The cultivators at Apothca have more than fifty years’ combined experience in the cannabis industry. And the growing, extraction, and production of cannabis products happen on-site at the 26-acre farm. The company claims to put their patients to be the first place for them, and they want to make sure them getting their medication with ease.

They carefully chose the genetics of their clones and strains to create a premium range of craft strains. On top of that, Apothca owns the entire supply chain for their cannabis industry, and the best part is that the whole supply chain happens in the same place. It helps to optimize the manufacturing process because there is little movement between growing, harvesting, processing, extraction, creation, and the retail shelf. They also have a greenhouse facility in Fitchburg.

The company separates the production into two categories: for medical and recreational purposes. Apothca offers a vast array of products, such as flowers, pre-rolls, vaporizers, concentrates, edibles, topicals, tinctures, and smoke accessories. Worth mentioning that the company has hemp/CBD cultivation license in Colombia.

For purchasing the products from Apothca, it’s possible to visit their local dispensaries in Lynn and Arlington or the recreational dispensary in Eugene, Oregon. Lynn is opened for medical and adult-use purchases, whereas Arlington currently presents only an adult-use menu. Nevertheless, they say that Arlington will soon also become available for medical patients.

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Massachusetts, United States


Joseph Lekach, Co-Founder and CEO



User Reviews

  1. angeline N

    thought theyd have high quality goods as theyre homegrown and manufactured in-farm, but the extracts are less potent even for the strong strains. Wonder why’s that. Maybe i’ll try other products, not sure if that’s a great idea but maybe other products are better than i got.

  2. keyzz

    The key to great weeds is in the growing process and its something this brand seem to have perfected. They have top notch flowers that displays the real properties associated with the strain. I can’t say the same for the produce of other brands.

  3. Hammy

    its a great brand because they grow and harvest their own and do their extraction in the farm rather than outsource them that’s why they can offer great quality products. Their accessories are pretty solid and look like they will last for quite some time.

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