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About Artifact Extracts

Artifact Extracts is based in Oregon, Washington, United States and is one of the finest and trusted supplies for extracted cannabis and rosin. This is the brand where ancient meets the future in all of the products and cannabis edibles. The plants are cultivated on the native farm and extracted in the laboratory at Eugene, Oregon. They sell cannabis products in the form of cartridges, ingestibles, solvents, candies, and other flavored delicacies.

Why Choose Artifact Extracts

Live resin: Artifact Extracts is popular for its highly concentrated live resin extracts. It is manufactured from fresh, sun-grown, wholesome plants. They combine the right technique of extraction and freezing the harvested cannabis strains at the prescribed temperatures.

Stable and safe consistencies: Artifact Extracts carries out the processes with premium equipment that extracts the hydrocarbon compounds. They create some of the most stable and safe consistencies that possess high curable effects in patients.

Clean taste and pure: The cannabis formulas and extracts created by this brand have a clean taste and are 100% pure, unlike the other competitors in the market. The THC content of these products is the strongest at impressive levels going up to 87 to 90%.

Retention of terpenes and characteristics: Artifact Extracts retains most of the effective terpenes, flavor, aroma, and taste of the plant. Customers love that most of the unique characteristics of the cannabis strains can be enjoyed and indulged in their products.

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User Reviews

  1. Kira

    Being a gourmet is quite difficult. You are constantly sewing something special and unusual. how good that i met this brand f can with pleasure test its delicious products. I advise everyone to get acquainted with this company and its products

  2. Tremblay

    This has to be the most powerful resin concentrate in the market. I have never been so high and yet so relaxed and happy. LOL…cant even remember my last name

  3. Sandy

    I like to enjoy the Artifact Extracts brand. They created so many tasty products that I can choose one beloved. But I think the most of all I like its candies, because I adore sweets. And sweets with cannabis brings me more happiness.

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