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BadassGlass is a privately owned family business. Founded in March 2013, it locates in Buena Park, California, United States. It is a premier online headshop in Southern California that was established by two brothers, who wanted to turn their interest in glassblowing into the business. Their projects received many accolades, so they opened BadassGlass to offer the best glass-buying experience.

Their main range covers vaporizers, handheld pipes, bubblers, bongs, and more, which they deliver free of charge across the United States and Canada. They rely on the quality of products, thoroughly thinking over their construction, design, and usability. Some of them are more like a piece of art. Their assortment also differs in sizes and materials so that each buyer can find a suitable product for himself. They use thick scientific borosilicate glass, quartz, and even metal for manufacturing their goods.

They offer more than 20 brands, such as Boss Glass, AMG Glass, Liquid Sci Glass, High Tech Glass Works, Joint Gender, etc.

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USA, Canada

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Buena Park, California


Jordan Miller, CEO




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  1. Heath

    The vapourizer was great. For some reason, very affordable rates on this platform. I wonder now why so many people are taking about it.

  2. Amy

    The vapourizer kit was gorgeous! I loved its function and it helped me unwind after a tough trekking trip with my gang. Will suggest to everyone.

  3. Apollo_89

    In my budget range, I have found the best when I moved about BadassGlass official website. Nice accessories to look out for - both for newcomers and advanced users.

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