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Bhang was established in 2010 and headquartered in Oakland, CA. The management team includes Richard Sellers as its COO, and Scott Van Rixel as its CEO. In the CBD world, Bhang is regarded as an upcoming leader. It cultivates high-quality hemp, which is safe for consumption, and produces CBD oil. All hemp is sourced from Colorado and Kentucky farms that use sustainable farming practices. The company extracts cannabidiol from industrial hemp plants via a closed-loop CO2 method. Every product offered by the company comes with laboratory results that prove that it contains no additives and preservatives. The brand’s product line is diverse: edibles, topicals, a premium vape line, gum, isolates, breath sprays, and various merchandise. All edibles are gluten-free and vegan, except for milk chocolate bars that contain milk.

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The smell, taste and texture was exactly like mentioned on the site. Felt relieved and helped me unwind after my overseas trip. Good for the evenings.

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I bought the spray and I must admit, sedation was quick and sufficient. I knew what was happening around me - no overdoing. Good.

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mimi vargas

Took a while before I discovered this brand. And was it worth it? The answer is a big yes in bold capital letters. It’s like the Sephora for cannabis with its many products, varieties, all good products worth your money. Giving you a high rating! Keep those wonderful product coming please.

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Jason Miller

Loved how this brand makes it easy for customers like me to find a variety of goods. Really well organized shop that you can even sort out by potency. And speaking of potency, the ones I tried were real effective and exactly as what their product descriptions said.

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tricia powers

This brand has everything I need. The finest nugs and extracts. Oh and don’t make me start about the edibles as I will gush over their taste and potency. Truly happy to have come across this store and you can be assured that I will recommend you to my friends.

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What’s not to like with Bhang? It’s like the candy store for adults. Enjoying browsing through your products everytime and I enjoy the products even more when I’ve used them. Wish I had more bucks to spend on your goods.

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Great selection, great service, the best nugs... Im running out of words to describe my happiness with this brand!

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henry K.

Im always excited to browse through this shop. It has so many choices and what Ive tried are great!

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Richard Torres

Everyday feels like Christmas with your products thats why I keep coming back to your store!

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Im excited to buy again!

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bold flavors indeed!

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Anne Flores

Til my next order pls.

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far from being great

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john gregory

worth the bucks I spent!

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Im impressed!

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