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Botanac is one of the oldest and most established full-service farms for industrial hemp production. Its CEO, Tina Walker started working at her family farm when she was a child and helped grow this company, adding the built-in market. Botanac helps Oklahoma farmers process and grow high quality hemp used in numerous products.

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Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


Tina Walker, CEO



User Reviews

  1. Elijah

    Found good pharmaceutical grade stuff about Botanac products. I liked the seedlings - healthy and worth it. I dont regret making the purchase. I guess I will come back for more when I am done with these.

  2. Jacob

    The oil was fair enough and meet my expectations. It smell great that I do approve. Other can find it a little overpowering but it meets my expectations.

  3. SillyFellows

    Bought the seeds for my own hemp growth and I think they did a great job! I love the quality of their seedlings and seeds. Will suggest my friends and family to buy too.

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