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Butte Creek Farms

About Butte Creek Farms

The Butte Creek Farms is a family-owned cannabis cultivation farm spanning across several acres. It is based in the heart of Southern Oregon and founded in 2016. These cultivators employ traditional, organic and environmentally friendly practices. They retain most of the genetics, taste, smell, flavor, and beneficial plant compounds, thus ensuring quality and purity. Butte Creek Farms strives to provide their products to medically ill patients across the Rogue Valley. Over the years, this team has become masters in the art of cannabis cultivation, aiming for perfection in every business venture that they undertake in the industry.

Why Choose Butte Creek Farms

Cultivates customer-loving strains: Butte Creek Farms considers growing strains that are loved by customers and known to be effective in the long run. They make use of the talents and skills developed for more than 100 years in the cultivation of cannabis, marijuana, hemp and weed varieties.

Something for everyone: No matter what your age or gender might be, Butte Creek Farms has something to offer you. They are one of the best clone creators in the country.

Separate section for medical products: Butte Creek Farms has set aside a separate section for almost every patient in need of the healing powers of these magical strains. This practice first began several years ago and is still carried on even today.

Reasonable prices: Purchasing marijuana doesn't have to be costly. All the products created by Butte Creek Farms are made available to customers at affordable rates. This makes it ideal for patients, marijuana lovers, and even beginners to access what they are looking for.

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User Reviews

  1. Jack

    Great tasting products with strong terpene profiles. I really enjoy using Butte Creek products whenever I can lay my hands on them since they are nit available in my state. They are quite the deal for when you want to kick the pain out of your system and just relax. I have used their products a couple of times and I always look forward to getting more.

  2. Fuller

    I love their blackberry flavored pre-roll. It tastes like sweet berries and hits very smoothly. This is a great product that has really helped me manage my anxiety and depression. One roll is enough for a day to keep my mind calm. This is a unique brand that is worth a try.

  3. Smith

    I have used their pre-rolls for a couple of times now and I am impressed by the terpenes profile and the great flavor that they contain. I have been smoking cannabis for 10 years now so I know quality when I come across it and Butte Creek offers you the best quality weed strains. If you love cannabis, then you need to give them a try.

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