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Cannaman Farms is a producer and supplier of quality flowers and pre-rolls, based in Vancouver, WA. Started back in 2012 by Brian Stroh, indoors growth allows for a controlled environment, proper temperature controls, insulation, and lighting that ensure healthy growth of the cannabis. Growing cannabis indoors allows for easy pest control that does not involve any chemicals that could contaminate the plant and the final product. Using the microbial-life-rich soil, vertical SOG garden technique, and all-natural nutrients, the company ensures healthy growth of the plants as well as an impressive yield. The flowers and pre-rolls from the Cannaman Farms come in small batches. No industrial-scale manufacturing, just hand-picked and carefully rolled weed for your smoking experience. The Cannaman Farms use healthy female plants for cultivating. Thanks to the rich compost team and natural fertilizers, one plant can produce up to 300 offspring.

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