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Founded in 2015, Canndescent is headquartered in Santa Barbara, California. The company’s mission is to offer users cannabis products that will transform their lives. The brand produces and sells pre-rolls, dry flowers, and vapes. It is a leading supplier of cannabis flowers and oil cartridges. There are 5 types of cannabis effects that it offers customers for sale: Cruise, Calm, Charge, Connect, and Create. Each effect is created to complement one’s lifestyle depending on if you need to focus, relax, socialize, workout, etc. The company grows its cannabis indoors using proprietary genetics and utilizing purified water and organic pest management. This ensures that all its products are free from pesticides and other harmful chemicals. The brand employs hydroponic cultivation and has completed a large commercial-scale solar project to power its production facilities. Canndescent integrates energy and water efficiency in an indoor format.

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I like the pre-rolls dried flowers and vapes that this company produces. Its so pleasant to enjoy high quality products and receive that desirable satisfaction. Canndescent became my favorite brand. Its a key for permanent happy life, I think so.

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Guys, I have one tip for you. If you want to spend cool time with your girlfriend just take something of Canndescent cannabis. be sure, you will be satisfied in the highest level. It helps to make all your fantasies come true.

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To have a creative work is not always so easy. Sometimes you feel that you are empty of inspiration. But I founded it in Canndescent products and felt amzing effect. Now my work is real satisfaction for me. Thats a dream

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What a taste! What an aroma! What a fantastic products Canndescent produces! I like to smoke its pre-rolls. They are cool for me and make my mood funny and positive, I dont need more. I just recommend you to try it

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Thats really nice strain. I decided to choose calm because I had stress every day and couldnt live normal life. With its cannabis I became easier and satisfied, the effect was like a miracle. now dont know about stress. Everything is wonderful

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There are so many option to choose! I tried a refreshing strain that smelled like fresh strawberries. It had an intense flavor and the euphoria was mind-blowing!

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Canndescent has wonderful diverse choices

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The Canndescent strain had a mild scent and intense taste – Earthy and raw. I loved the instant euphoria. Good buy.

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I bought ‘charge strain’ for outdoor run. I feel more energized and confident. The citrus smell was great and the packaging was good too.

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I invested in the right place!

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Christian James

I bought the 'Calm' strain and it had good smell and taste. But my mouth dried up so bad that it felt too uneasy

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Didn't like. Intense paranoia post use

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