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CannTrust is one of the largest cannabis producers, which is federally licensed and regulated and has 40 years of pharmaceutical and healthcare experience. It owns 1 medical brand (Endora), which supports MMJ patients, and 2 recreational brands (LIIV and SYNR.G) based on target consumers within the recreational market. With its 450,000-square-foot hydroponic harvest facility and a 60,000-square-foot manufacturing center, it has become one of the largest companies in the cannabis industry. It owns an onsite laboratory for research and testing on cannabis medical use.

Founded in 2013 in Canada, CannTrust Holdings has a very experienced team. It produces a lot of high-quality products including oils, dried flowers, and encapsulated goods. All products are pesticide-free. In 2018, the company won 7 Canadian Cannabis Awards and got the title of Licensed Producer of the Year.

Its mission is to enrich the customer experience by connecting them to high-grade products, services, and educational resources, showing how hemp can improve their lives. The company has developed a partnership with a number of organizations: - the nurse practitioner led medical cannabis clinic O’Cannabis to provide accessibility through its telemedicine portal for future patients; - the beverage alcohol distributor Breakthru Beverage Group to develop its retail channel; - the largest private cannabis retailer NAC to expand retail sales; - the Australian licensed cannabis producer CannaTrek to have access into Asian markets.

CannTrust supports charitable programs and services initiated by Niagara Hospice, Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness, and Project SHARE.

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  1. HONEY_bear

    I feel like a pegasus is making me fly in the air. A big salute to the THC drops from this company. If you see or hear about CannTrust in a positive light, everything is true! Grab them while they last!

  2. CarpeDIEM

    Splashed my hard earned money on the CBD drops and whoo-hoooo!!! Made the right choice in this entire year! No baggage of skunks and handling them. Complete wellness essential you all shud try!

  3. Mikey

    They said THC Capsules are vegan. and what they opromise is what you get. I will come back for more and more vegan stuff. I dont want to buy unsure products from other website They Give right info,

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