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CBD Daily is a product line from Earthly Body, a company that specializes in the production of skincare and haircare that contains natural hemp-based ingredients since 1996.

The CBD Daily is a skincare line that is in the frontline to promote overall well-being and includes CBD-infused products. It's also worth noting that the brand makes mostly mint or lavender flavored products. They soothe, moisturize and nourish the skin and hair. The company started in North America, after which they built an establishment in Los Angeles, CA. This is where all the work is done from manufacturing, packaging, shipping, storage, corporate offices, and serves as a center of education for all related brands. Now the products are available both online and in various dispensers in states such as Illinois, Nebraska, Texas, Missouri, Wisconsin.

This brand understands the need for being environmental-friendly. They used recyclable packaging and have installed electric and solar car-charging stations. They also take part in tree planting. CBD Daily subjects its products to testing by third-party labs in order to ensure potency and quality in each item. Besides, each test, along with the date, is indicated on the website, which makes the company honest and transparent. All the products by this brand are free of chemicals, heavy metals and are purely vegan and cruelty-free. Also, they contain only natural ingredients. This means no dyes, mineral oil, sulfates, phthalates, propylene glycol, or parabens. The company is on PETA's "No Test List". This way, users can be sure that what they are using is not harmful to their health. The brand gives a percentage of each sale of its products to the Get Together Foundation, an NGO run and established by Earthly Body co-founders.

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The topical application of the cannabis oil seems to make my skin soft, smooth and texture free. Huh. How long I have waited for one quality product that doesnt cheat. Will tell my friends about CBD Daily as well.

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Thank God they come in recyclable packaging! Swift delivery! High THC content for quick energy. You should try it at least once. Seemed fine to me.

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Ok. Not bad. But it could have been better. The tinctures seemed like for newbie and being an advanced cannabis user, they seemed like a trial version for beginners. However I am happy to try and recommend.

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The nube was absolutely potent !! It completely took off and I was relaxed, sleeping to glory. Did work like I was expecting.

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I have tried so many hair products to boost the quality of my hair.but all to no avail. Ever since I started using this oil, my hair looks and feels healthier.

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cbd daily is irreplaceable to me. I also have a bottle in my pure. Most times I forget to apply oil on my hair and skin before leaving the house. I can quickly apply few drops on my hands for my hair and skin while in the bus. This product is my saving grace

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I like this product because it is very useful in different ways. It caters for a lot of aspects in my life. It has improved not only my health but my appearance. It is also really good for my mental health. It keeps me from the horrid smell of hospitals.

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My hair used to be weak but now it’s a lot stronger and breaks less

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I thought it would help with my acne condition but it seems to have no effect

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I go for this product because I can use it everyday without worries

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makes me feel sexy!

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not a very effective hair-grower

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works well on my dry skin.

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my hair is more silky.

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gentle on skin

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