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Centennial Seeds was founded in 2012. Still a relatively new seedbank, but already selling a large number of products. This seedbank was one of the first ones in the US. Selling high-quality medical hemp and pits for planting. Their business is still growing and will announce new hemp flavors in the future.

Centennial Seeds Benefits

High-quality products with different flavors. This is what is making them so popular. They are still a relatively new company but they are already selling 16 different flavor bits of hemp. At the moment they are just selling their products to 8 marijuana legalized countries.

Great value for money. This is a benefit that not many companies are offering. Making sure that their customers are getting great value for money. Giving them high-quality products that aren't as expensive as some of the other companies online.

Known for its customer service. Centennial Seeds are known for their customer service. Especially to those that are buying medical marijuana for the first time.

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