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Central Valley Alternative

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CVALT or Central Valley Alternative is established in the Central Valley and was founded in Orange Cove. Today, they are the creators of the popular GoldLeaf product, as well as renowned transporters of cannabis to legally registered patients across California. Juan Hernandez, the proud CEO of the company has led this initially small business into a high rated company on the cannabis market.

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Central Valley, California


Juan Hernandez, CEO



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  1. Lexie

    OG Kings was slow in the beginning - a slight elevation of mood and it took about half an hour for full blown celebration in the head!! I always love the slow starters who rage to perfection! This one is that LIT case!

  2. Deniz

    About Central Valley ALternative Super skunk, somepeople complaint of hallucination but I had none, infact i felt so great and full of energy that I conmpleted my high demanding office work in no time.

  3. CharlieD

    Every time I order from Central Valley, I find myself ordering some more because they are that good! Excellent customer service too and quick delivery. I received my orders with a few days and I did not even have to pay to express delivery.

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