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Charlotte's Web brand was created by the Stanley brothers (Austin, Jared, Jesse, Joel, Jon, Jordan, and Josh) and is based on proprietary hemp, which is high in CBD.

This brand stems from the high-profile story of Charlotte Figi, who, thanks to medical marijuana, has become less suffering from epileptic seizures. The media became interested in her case, covering details in their documentaries, which led to an increased demand for a non-psychoactive product. CWeb started with a mission to produce high-quality extracts that people can benefit from. In 2018, their therapeutic medicament was approved by the US FDA for two different types of epilepsy. The original formula features Charlotte's Web genetics that contains numerous cannabinoids, including CBD, CBG, CBC, and other phytocompounds. Each product is crafted with ultimate care and attention to detail, making sure that customers experience the benefits of the cannabinoids. The products are made via the alcohol extraction method, known for its efficiency in preserving hemp's beneficial compounds.

The company's products are undergoing USDA Organic Certification, so sustainable/organic cultivation techniques are already in use. All their products are gluten-free, vegan, and non-GMO, and they are third-party tested (for quality and consistency, ensuring that all the alcohol residue from the extraction method is completely removed). Charlotte's Web uses Colorado-grown hemp, carefully selecting it to be rich in phytocannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes, and more.

The Stanley brothers are involved in charity because they see in business not only their benefit but also the ability to help others by establishing philanthropic partnerships. Brand employees are often volunteers, and Charlotte's Web Holdings itself donates to charitable organizations, for example, thanks to the generosity of founders, Realm of Caring Foundation was able to give away $ 1 million worth of products to the members of their community who needed it most. And Charlotte's Web also offers a discount for veterans.

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Boulder, Colorado


Deanie Elsner, CEO




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User Reviews

  1. Butler

    Very good pain and anxiety reliever. This is applies to all Charlottes Web products. Even my dog seems happy and jumps around like a puppy after using their Hemp Extract pet oil. We all feel amazing here after using their products. We definitely will be buying more for added benefits.

  2. Thomas

    I tend to be paranoid and for this reason I tend to void using CBD products for fear of escalating the problem. But Charlottes Web has done the complete opposite. I feel much better after taking their CBD and no feelings of paranoia at all. This is super amazing and not what I expected at all.

  3. Carl

    I like taking Charlottes Web tinctures for a productive day at work. I easily lose focus and sometimes it becomes hard for me to complete my assignments which has landed me in trouble with my boss several times. After taking this product, my ability to focus has greatly improved and everyone has noticed too. I am super happy right now.

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