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Chilly’s Garden was established in 2015 and is based in Eugene, Oregon. This is an award-winning cannabis cultivator and distributor creating hybrid breeds and potent concentrates for recreation. The master grower and owner of Chilly’s Garden have been handling cannabis weeds and supplying them for the community since the 1990s. The brand proudly uses the experience and knowledge gained for more than 60 years in the business. Chilly’s Garden has won several awards at various cannabis events. They are the winners of the 2017 Oregon Growers cup; 2016 Oregon Dope cup for the best medical flower strains; the High Times cup for the best Sativa dominant concentrates and the silver medalist of the Green Dragon event. The brand supplies to recreational outlets and stores across Oregon and the neighbouring locations.

Why Choose Chilly’s Garden

Here’s what makes Chilly’s Garden popular amongst customers in the cannabis industry

A wide spectrum of strains: Chilly’s Garden offers consumers the opportunity to choose their favorite cannabis edibles prepared from a wide spectrum of strain crossbreeds. Some of the popular lines of a unique concentrated formula created by them include the Gorilla Glue, Sour Tangie, Green Dragon, Clementine, and the Lemon Banana Sherbet.

Licensed and reputed cannabis business: The Chilly’s Garden brand is a licensed cannabis cultivator and well known for their flavored and delicious Indica and Sativa dominant treats in the market. They use only premium ingredients to bring out the best effective characteristics and terpenes of the breeds.

The best strain crosses on the planet: Every cannabis strain, crossbreed, clones, flowers, roots, buds and plant compounds are grown and harvested by their own expert cultivation team. Proper care and timely attention are given, hand-trimmed, manually watered and manured.

Peak terpine production: The Chilly’s Garden brand uses a special family proprietary Bokashi mix that triggers the growth of roots, shoots and other strain cells. The team follows a strategized and highly controlled process that preserves the richness, shade, characteristics, smell, flavor, bud, and overall potency.

Fresh and safe: Chilly’s Garden cannabis brand does not use any synthetic or artificial nutrients, fertilizers, fungicides, insecticides, or pesticides. This ensures the freshness and safety of the cannabis products purchased by consumers.

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If you want to have a really cool strain you should choose Chillys Garden company. Its products make me fell unreal satisfaction and relax, you should check it out. I prefer its green dragon strain, I recommend it for others

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Im so happy that I discovered this brand of producing cannabis. I looked for something like this. adore Chillys Gsrden strain especially white fire. What a fantastic weed! it makes me high all the time. Love all the effects of this strain

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Cant stop enjoying Chillys Garden strain. My friend advices me to try this brand. Now my time with cannabis is the perfect moments of my life. I chose for myself southern Oregon pineapple because of its amazing aroma and effect.

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Yeah, I really happy that I have met goldet ticket by chillys garden company. Ive never felt such euphoria as I did after this ticket. I felt that so much energy came to body and it was great. Guys, you should try obviously

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Ive heard about awards of this company and Im impressed. I decided to try the products of Chillys Garden company and I didnt regret. I have to say that its products are made on the highest level and allow to enjoy them in the best way.

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