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Their products consistently deliver exceptional quality and an unparalleled experience.

Emily Walker 10.04.2023
CBD Pre Rolls1
Blue Dream 1:1 CBD logo

Blue Dream 1:1 CBD

by Cloud
  • 280 mg CBD
  • 315 mg THC
  • 3.5 g Weight
CBD Vaping1
Restorative Rainbow Vape Pen 1:1 THC:CBD 1g logo

Restorative Rainbow Vape Pen 1:1 THC:CBD 1g

by Cloud
  • 440 mg CBD
  • 450 mg THC
  • USB Charger

Cloud Review

Founded in 2019, Cloud is a contemporary brand originating from Denver, Colorado, a region recognized globally for its progressive stance on cannabis. Denver not only offers a rich cannabis culture but a fertile landscape, which is where Cloud sources its raw materials. Ensuring the utmost quality, all of Cloud's products undergo rigorous lab testing to meet the highest industry standards.

While many cannabis companies boast a plethora of strains, Cloud focuses on precision rather than abundance. They offer a curated selection of 20 unique strains, each chosen for its distinct benefits and properties.

The brand is not just about producing quality cannabis but is also committed to sustainability. Cloud's growing facilities, which span over 50,000 square feet, operate with eco-friendly protocols. They use a state-of-the-art water recycling system, and their packaging materials are all recyclable, reducing the company’s carbon footprint.

Cloud's extraction technology is a point of pride. Utilizing supercritical CO2 extraction, they ensure that the end products are pure and free from any solvents. This method, while more expensive, reflects the brand's commitment to quality and safety.

Believing in giving back to the community, Cloud actively participates in various charity events and movements. Particularly noteworthy is their commitment to veterans. They offer a specific military discount to those who've served, showing gratitude and recognizing the sacrifices made.

Throughout its relatively short history, Cloud has received multiple accolades for its product quality and corporate responsibility. Their focus on sustainable practices has garnered them a coveted Green Business Certification.

At its core, Cloud's mission is to provide premium cannabis while maintaining an unwavering commitment to community, sustainability, and innovation. As they continue to expand and evolve, their foundation remains rooted in quality, integrity, and a clear vision for the future of cannabis.

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Emily Walker

Their products consistently deliver exceptional quality and an unparalleled experience.

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clean ingredients

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Slim Smithy

Okay but not groundbreaking.

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Secure, easy checkout

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Ava Brownfield

Quality Unmatched

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Organic ingredients, love it.

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