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Complia is one of the best licensing and registration software solutions in the cannabis and hemp market today. The vendor provides a platform to correspond with the rapidly-evolving cannabis regulatory industry. The company’s staff is filled with technologists and hemp breeding and regulatory professionals who ensure the successful outcome for all clients. The brand provides services like connecting cannabis companies to third-party programs. The Department of Health in Oklahoma, Montana, and Missouri also utilize the licensing platform to regularize the stakeholders involved in the cannabis industry. Most governmental agencies have approved this platform for the Medical Marijuana program. The platform offers employee credentialing service. Complia helps keep track of employee applications and keep a tab on employees. It integrates with most ID printers for a seamless experience. With this business licensing software, users can control all the licensing involved in the cannabis business. It allows applying for a new license and asking for renewal. All patients and caregivers involved in the medical marijuana program can apply for the card, upload documents, and review updates here. Complia ensures an efficient workflow, providing connection between regulators, patients, and caregivers. It integrates with Metrc and provides a real-time API data feed.

Info & License

License Number

C11-0001279-LIC, C10-0000759-LIC, C13-0000189-LIC, C13-0000154-LIC, C9-0000322-LIC, C10-0000627-LIC, CEO14-0000094-LIC, C10-0000593-LIC, C11-0000937-LIC, C10-0000498-LIC, C10-0000499-LIC, C12-0000211-LIC, C9-0000215-LIC, C10-0000482-LIC, C11-0000870-LIC, C10-0000452-LIC, C10-0000454-LIC, C10-0000455-LIC, C10-0000425-LIC, C10-0000426-LIC, C10-0000438-LIC, C10-0000442-LIC, C10-0000421-LIC, C10-0000385-LIC, C11-0000688-LIC, C11-0000677-LIC, C10-0000378-LIC, C10-0000379-LIC, C12-0000144-LIC, C11-0000635-LIC, C10-0000362-LIC, C10-0000366-LIC, C11-0000502-LIC, C10-0000273-LIC, C11-0000484-LIC, C11-0000490-LIC, C11-0000455-LIC, C10-0000168-LIC, C10-0000177-LIC, C10-0000178-LIC, C13-0000026-LIC, C10-0000129-LIC, C12-0000039-LIC, C10-0000116-LIC, C10-0000123-LIC, C11-0000229-LIC, C11-0000201-LIC, C10-0000033-LIC

HQ Location

Greenwood Village, Colorado


Alex Valvassori, CEO



User Reviews

  1. Larry254

    When I decided to establish my business, I wanted everything to be legit and that is exactly what Complia helped me with. From license and registration to employee credentialing, they were with me every step of the way.

  2. val

    The cannabis industry is a booming business but with all the complicated licensing and registration processes, many business owners opt not to take part in the industry. Good thing that Complia helps with these by their services! I was one of those who experienced a hassle-free business set up.

  3. RyanEdward

    Very dependable team. Responsive to inquiries in a very kind and approachable manner.

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