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Cultivated Industries

About Cultivated Industries

Cultivated Industries is a connoisseur of craft cannabis strain varieties. This company is based in Portland, Oregon. The brand takes pride in producing some of the finest cannabis strains and products in the country. Their mission is to improve the cannabis business by engaging the best practices and innovative technology. Cultivated industries provide customers with exceptional buds, flowers, oil extracts, edibles, smokeables, cannabis sweet delicacies and more.

Why Choose Cultivated Industries

The following are the reasons to choose Cultivated Industries.

Highest quality cannabis: This brand delivers cannabis of the highest order and quality. They strictly conform to the safe content levels of the ingredients used.

Expertise and experienced: Cultivated Industries takes pride in having some of the top experts in their team. This brand strives for continuous progress and development in everything that they do. The combination of several decades of expertise and new innovative solutions are what makes them the best in the cannabis industry.

Good customer services: At Cultivated Industries, they offer their services to every customer with passion and zest. Caring for the needs of the customers and clients is a top priority.

Info & License

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License Number

060-1004615E2CC, 020-1000809A2EB, 030-10008132E83

HQ Location

Portland, Oregon


Norris Monson, CEO



User Reviews

  1. Brown

    The owner of Cultivated Industries knows exactly what he is doing. He has some of the best employees in the market coupled with the best strains. This makes for a good place to shop for all your cannabis strains and products. Nothing about them disappoints. I highly value and recommend them.

  2. Rita

    I believe that these guys have the best marijuana strains that have ever existed in the world. They have put much effort to ensure that the potency profiles for all their strains are consistent. They will deliver to you exactly what you ordered and within the shortest time possible.

  3. Milly

    This firm has some of the best cannabis strains in the market. Whatever your needs are, you rest assured that they will never let you down. The staff here is also very knowledgeable about the different strains. They are very professional and will patiently attend to all your needs.

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