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DabTabs provides users with a new vision on consuming cannabis concentrates. This is a convenient and simple way to vaporize extracts and concentrates while keeping the full-spectrum and flavor of each plant without combustion. The DabTabsTM Company is founded by IloVaporTM, and the dablets were actually created ‘accidentally’ when trying to bring another product to life. The small dablets are shaped like honeycombs, the manufacturers place them flat directly into a dab rig heating chamber. They provide around three pulls before being spent.

Dablets are portions of cannabis concentrates encased in a mineral-based ceramic that can be dabbed or heated without removing the extract. When you use DabTabs, there is no need for cleanup. There’s no excess oil or burned wax you need to scrape off before you continue to use the product. Since DabTabs comes with a measured amount of 50 mg of a blend, CBD or THC, it is much simpler for consumers to control their dosing. There is a group of partner companies, that produce the dablets for DabTabs devices.

The company has dispensary partnerships in California, Oregon, Colorado, Oklahoma, Michigan, Alaska, Washington, Nevada, and Maine. But as they are constantly looking for new partners both in the US and abroad, soon the products will be found in other states, as well as in Costa Rica, Chile, and European countries.

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Ashley s.

My boyfriends vape failed and he needed a new one. I decided to make a surprise. I tried for a long time to choose a quality vape, and my choice fell on this one. Its been a long time, my boyfriend is happy with the process of use

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Want to get the most out of vape, then try this company. I have already bought one and have no complaints. everything works fine.

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I tried vaporization from DabTabs and Im pleasantly surprised. Such modern and high-quality technologies deserve praise. I especially like the design, made with the most practical approach. This leads me to recommend products from this company. you will not regret it

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These cannabis concentrates from DabTabs make be live in wonders. Thats great I think. I like to use its vaporizers. their technology of heating is one of the best.

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Lauren Mindy

Wont trade this fruity strain for anything else!

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Avery J

The strain had an initial fruity scent that transformed to a nutty or earthy one when I was exhaling. I loved that subtle transition. The packaging was great and the delivery was impresisvely quick.

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Will the Dantabs strain ever kick in? - It wont

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Dabtabs got some terrific earthy strains!

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Compatable with every vaporizer I have. Dab holds long enough so that you dont have to rush yourself but really enjoy the smoke. The package is also very handy, allows safe storing for future use.

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My favorite brand, handsdown.

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Best dablets on the market

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Clean and slick way to vape concentrates. Nothing to clean, just remove the tab.

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Good people behind the desk.

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Amazing dabs! Very happy!

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Works well with all my vape pens. No need to buy special gear.

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Very responsive Customer support service. They were conciderate enough to hear me out answer all my questions. Im bought for good. Also their dablet is amazing, one of the best highs I ever had.

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