About DabTabs

DabTabs provides users with a new vision on consuming cannabis concentrates. This is a convenient and simple way to vaporize extracts and concentrates while keeping the full-spectrum and flavor of each plant without combustion. The DabTabsTM Company is founded by IloVaporTM, and the dablets were actually created ‘accidentally’ when trying to bring another product to life. The small dablets are shaped like honeycombs, the manufacturers place them flat directly into a dab rig heating chamber. They provide around three pulls before being spent.

Dablets are portions of cannabis concentrates encased in a mineral-based ceramic that can be dabbed or heated without removing the extract. When you use DabTabs, there is no need for cleanup. There’s no excess oil or burned wax you need to scrape off before you continue to use the product. Since DabTabs comes with a measured amount of 50 mg of a blend, CBD or THC, it is much simpler for consumers to control their dosing. There is a group of partner companies, that produce the dablets for DabTabs devices.

The company has dispensary partnerships in California, Oregon, Colorado, Oklahoma, Michigan, Alaska, Washington, Nevada, and Maine. But as they are constantly looking for new partners both in the US and abroad, soon the products will be found in other states, as well as in Costa Rica, Chile, and European countries.

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