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Dama Cannabis

About Dama Cannabis

Dama Cannabis is a licensed I-502 producer and processor in WA. It is based in Seattle. The name ‘dama’ comes from Chinese – it meant cannabis in the oldest known Neolithic culture in China. Right now, the company has made itself a renowned leader in the industry. They sell a premium line of oil concentrates, dried flowers, vapors, waxes, and capsules.

Why Choose Dama Cannabis

Premium line of different products. Today, Dama Cannabis produces a big selection of dried flowers, vapors, capsules, oil concentrates, and wax, known for their consistent potency and purity.

Transparency of information. On the company’s website, you can learn about the growing and preparation of Dama Cannabis products in detail. They describe this step by step.

Ethanol extraction. To manufacture products such as vape cartridges, Dama Cannabis gives them a food grade ethanol bath and only then they extract the full plant resins. Then, they put the strains through a distillation process to isolate cannabinoids.

Products are sealed in nitrogen wash. To ensure that all Dama products remain fresh, the company packs the finished products as quickly as possible. Their dried flowers are sealed in a nitrogen wash.

Third-party tested. The Dama wax is third-party tested for purity, quality and potency to ensure that the company is consistent with their offers.

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Seattle, Washington





User Reviews

  1. Dodo3423

    Everything is simple, when I want a really cool dried flower I order it on dama cannabis. this company produces so great weed and other products I dont want to choose another one. people, listen to my advice, relax with dama cannabis only

  2. Melvin948

    I like products of dama cannabis. I have tried their wax and cartridges. It was a super idea for me to buy them. I recommend these products for those who is looking unreal relax and satisfaction. Cause I feel like Im flying)

  3. RandyO

    Awesome brands in one shop!

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