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Dazey Cbd

About Dazey CBD

Tori Bodin is the CEO of Dazey CBD, a natural beauty and wellness brand that produces cannabis products. Their product list includes quality CBD oils that contain zero preservatives, flavours, and sweeteners. Dazey CBD was founded by four friends at the Sasquatch music festival in 2016 – the CEO Tori, Chris, Scott, and Emili, all based in Seattle.

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Seattle, Washington


Tori Bodin, CEO



User Reviews

  1. Shawty

    The uniqueness of this product is something I admire. The color is very attrtactive. It is incrediblyy smooth on the skin. Makes me confident to show off my skin.

  2. Becks079

    Everyone deserves a healthy skin. Skin that smells well and is sopft. Dazeys skincare line has taken my skin from a 2 to a 9. Grab your bottle today!

  3. Piage432

    when some hear of cbd products, all they can think of is getting high. This brand offers high nutritional product. My total wellbeing has been promoted

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