Doctor & Crook Co.
Doctor & Crook Co.

About Doctor & Crook Co.

Doctor & Crook Co. Are a collective of cannabis artisans and scientists who have been working in the field for over 15 years. Based on this, they have created a high-tech, world-class extraction facility. All cannabis at this company is doctor-approved, hand-crafted, and Crook tested. Their motto is: ‘’At Doctor & Crook, we prescribe good times’’.

Why Choose Doctor & Crook Co.

Grown in organic soil. All products manufactured by Doctor & Crook are grown in 100% organic soil with no pesticides.

Highly qualified cannabis experts. This company employs highly qualified cannabis experts with years of experience in the field, which means that they are masters at producing top-shelf hemp.

Uses only flowers for concentrates. In concentrates sold at Doctor & Crook Co., the company uses only flowers in the production process. This results in high terpene concentrations and higher potency.

Excellent flavours. The products sold by this company are known to have 100% cannabis derived terpenes and to be of excellent flavour.

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User Reviews

  1. Geo

    Great that this company uses modern technologies and produces really cool cannabis. I can only enjoy it cause it gives me feel so euphoria and calm. I love it the most of all. Friends, you should try this brand if you want smth great

  2. Milana

    Cannabis from Doctor & Crook Co helped to forget about my insomnia. I think everyone can imagine that its awful when you cant fall asleep. But products of this company changed that situation. Now I have no problems with sleeping

  3. Dron54

    I like to relax with my friend. Doctor & Crook Co helps us do it in the best way. Its products make feel something unreal and cool. There is no better thing to have a pleasant time. Thats so amazing

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