Durango Cannabis
Durango Cannabis

About Durango Cannabis

Durango is a company located in the same-called town Durango, located in south-western Colorado. The company grows one-of-a-kind cannabis and has rather unique goals. They craft things with their hands to provide ultimate quality to the users and strive to deliver only the best. The CEO and founder of the company is Jason Barker and their most popular strains are the Star Stomper and Mother Goddess.

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Durango, Colorado


Jason Barker, CEO



User Reviews

  1. Jimmy

    WHAT A JOINT!!! I mean!! The flower seemed yuck when I looked at it but well, dont judge a book by cover, right? Really rejuvenating! Pleasantly spicy flavor that hit me hard!

  2. Raynold

    One drag and u r elevated. Out of world experience, leaves me happy and giggly. I just love it what it does to me...compeltely relaxed.

  3. Austin_lane

    A booooommm of confidence!! I just feel like a transformed person after using their strains - tried two of them and both are great! I just cant stop talking about Durango Cannabis!!

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