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Eco Firma Farms

About Eco Firma Farms

Eco Firma Farms is a company founded by Jesse Peters. People who work at Eco Firma Farms ‘had their hands in the dirt’ since 1975. All their farming practices are eco-friendly and integrate all sorts of techniques used in the cannabis industry. This is the first Oregon cannabis farm that operates solely on wind power. Eco Firma Farms is set in Canby and its signature strain is Canbyland.

Why Choose Eco Firma Farms

First in many things. Eco Firma Farms is one of the oldest companies for marijuana in the country. It’s the first that operates solely on wind power, and the first to non-anonymously advertise cannabis wholesale.

Eco-friendly leader in the cannabis industry. Peters established the Eco Firma Farms as eco-friendly leaders in the marijuana industry. They switched to LED grow lights and made the entire farm wind-powered.

Carbon-neutral cannabis farm. The company hasn’t reached its carbon-neutral goal entirely, but they got 95% there, which makes this one of the top-rated companies in the country.

Big range of popular products. Eco Firma Farms manufactures and sells all kinds of sativa, indica, hybrid strains, as well as concentrates that are extremely popular with customers.

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User Reviews

  1. Jessy F.

    Wow, the idea to create the most ecological company of producing cannabis is wonderful and so needed in nowadays. Such ecological product is very qualified, I enjoy it every day and feel amazing. Dont with anything else

  2. Amy

    I like the strain of Eco Firma Farms. The quality of cannabis is so great. I enjoy this weed so much, it makes my body and mind relaxed and free of all negative thoughts. The best way to get such feelings is to use weed of Eco Firma Farms

  3. Monica

    Great company! Eco Firma Farms surprised me. I didnt believe that I would like the products of this company. My friends also began to use different products of the Eco Firma Farms and they agree with me. People, you should experience it.

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