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Elevate Accessories

About Elevate Accessories

The idea that gave birth to Elevate came from people who wanted to add more smoking accessories in the market. This company exists for over five years now and currently provides high-quality products such as pipes, storage jars, and dugout kits. Most of their products are made in USA, except for some parts that they purchase from quality suppliers located overseas.

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Arvada, Colorado


Alan Bader, CEO



User Reviews

  1. Kurt

    Elevate is my favorite company that producers smoking accessories. This brand creates a really cool style of your smoking and makes you to differ from others. If you want something special just visit their website and choose what do you wish the most.

  2. Nina

    Wow, I adore when I have a great choice. this company embodies my desire for everything, the convenience of ordering and service is also at a high level. It is everything I need. Besides using the products of elevate accessories is easy and convenient.

  3. Den53

    Has anybody tried dugout already? I want to order it but I dont have experience in using such a product. Maybe, somebody can help me. Ive heard that dugouts of this brand are high quality and simple. I want this product

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